Is anyone going to California Grill in the near future?


If anyone is, can you take note of the current menu? The updated one on allears does not show all of the wonderful flatbreads they used to have. :crying: I’m hoping its just a misprint! If you will be at CG soon, can you please take note of this for me? TIA :mickey:


Hope to know in late June :smile: I’ll let you know :wink:


I’ll be there next week! I’ll let you know what they have that evening!!!


I’ll be a backup to mlsexton. We’ll be there at the end of March.



Wow, That would be great! Have a good time!


Excellent! I’ll really be on top of the menu!


Well…I think I’ll probably be the one letting you know since I’m going in May! :wink:


Ack! Kizzmitt, I knew I needed to write this down. California Grill had 3 flatbreads on the menu. One had flank steak, another I’m pretty sure was the Quadruple Cheese listed on the Allears menu, but the third totally escapes my wife and me.

Hope that helps a bit.



Maybe it’s me - but all our bread here is flat.


When you were there, did they have the ginger/carrot/scallop bisque? I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I think Chef Tony had dreamed it up in mid October. Had it on our anniversary. It must have been the best soup I’ve ever had.


Soundgod, I’m reasonably sure that wasn’t on the menu… but I could have missed it.

Sounds great though!



It was a mushroom flatbread. And we tried them all and they were excellent! I forgot that I was supposed to bring a menu and scan in from our trip in March. Between our whole table, we had just about everything. And I know I personally took a bite of at least 4 desserts!


Thanks bruce and mlsexton, I’m glad to hear there are more choices. We really enjoyed the flatbreads on our pervious visits. The quad cheeses one just sounds so ordinary, I like to try new things. How were your meals? Were you happy with the service? We had a waitress that they said they were “having problems” with last October and I almost didn’t want to go back. Good service makes such a difference! (especially when your paying those prices!)


Really guys - what is ‘flat bread?’


They are kind of like pizzas, but with interesting toppings. My favorite had chicken and a chipotle crema sauce.


Thanks kizz


I rated California Grill 3 out of 5 Mickeys in my review. I thought the service was good bordering on very good… my quibbles were with the food. We had 3 sushis which we thought were great, average, and not so good. My wife and I both had the Diver Scallops; while the scallops themselves were quite good, the rest of the dish wasn’t very good (just more of a bad idea rather than bad execution).

Keep in mind that Artist Point is my absolute favorite restaurant, so I was constantly comparing the two places - and they are VERY different. It could just be that the Cali Grill is just not my “cup of tea.”

Actually, now that I think about it… we did see 2 tables complain to our server (I think he only had 3 or 4 tables), but I have no idea what the problems were. Personally, we thought the service itself was fine.



There are more than a few CMs that I’ve encountered at Cali Grill over the years that are less “Disney” and more “snobby” and they give off this attitude that you’re not worthy to eat in the clouds. Service can be spotty with some servers compared to others. I can’t begin to tell you how on our anniversary in 2004, we were seated in such a terrible location that my wife was almost in tears. Even complaining at first fell on deaf ears, it seemed the guy didn’t speak English that well and didn’t care if it was our anniversary. We finally got the manager who did a little to sooth our nerves, but not much. Last year, 2005, we again had our anniversary dinner at CG, but the experience was much better this time.