Is Beach Club Resort a good place to stay for the first visit?


In the first week of January, I’m going to be travelling to Disneyworld for the first time with my girlfriend (it’ll be her first time as well). Needless to say, we’re going to try to hit everything in our stay there.

Since this is our first trip, I was thinking about having us stay at the Beach Club Resort. Does anyone have any opinions pro/con about it? Since it is our first time there, would it be better to stay somewhere else? I want it to be a nice romantic trip for the two of us since we are both very busy and can never take time out to plan a trip.

Any comments are appreciated!


Welcome to DC Iggy.
I can’t help you with the beach club, but we will be at WDW during the first week of January and from what I have read and been told it gets quieter towards the end of the week as most people head home after new year!


I have not been to BCR, but it is a really nice resort, you and your girlfriend with like it very much.


Welcome to DC! I have not stayed there so I can’t help, just wanted to say welcome! :mickey:


I stayed at the Beach Club in May, and it is WONDERFUL! I think it’s a romantic choice, not as many noisy kids as at a value or moderate resort, and the pool is really neat, with real sand at the bottom. You can also walk to Epcot, which is a great perk, and there’s a boat that will take you to MGM.


I think it is a great place for your first visit. Very nice!
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I haven’t stayed there, but I can tell you it’s a beautiful resort and it’s in a great location. I think you’ve chosen well.

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Welcome to DisneyCentral! I love the Beach Club resort. I think it is a fabulous place for and adult only trip. We usually end our days in Epcot, so you can’t beat the location. Plus, I figured there are at least 22 restaurants within a 10 minute walk, so you will have plenty of options. Oh, and the pool is the best on property, great for adults and kids alike.

Have fun with your planning!


The Beach Club is my families favorite resort so far. I prefer the Yacht Club next door, but only cause I love the whole nautical thing. We will be there the first week of January as well. As a matter of fact we are going for New years Eve and looking forward to the stay as well.

Without small children I think the EPCOT resorts are the best location in all of WDW. With small children I would be more inclind to stay closer to MK. The EPCOT resorts include the Boardwalk and theere is lots of dancing and dining options on the boardwalk as well as at the Swan and Dolphin.



Just wanted to say welcome!! Beach Club is beautiful (I’ve only visited for the restaurants and to walk around). The proximity to Epcot is what I like best. We will definately try to stay there sometime. Have fun!


Welcome to DC! My DH and I stayed at the Yacht Club for our first visit. You will love BC! We compare everything to that stay now! We loved the fact that we could ride the boats or walk to so much. Don’t miss walking on the boardwalk, eat some ice cream while you’re there, it’s the one thing we didn’t get to on our last trip!


Welcome to DC!

I have stayed at Disney’s Beach Club twice, it’s a wonderful resort. You are so close to two parks, a 5 minutes walk to Epcot and a short boat ride to MGM. Like Mickey said, there are so many great restaurants right around you with Epcot and the Boardwalk right there. The pool is awesome, make sure to leave some time is your schedule to use it.


I have never stayed there but I am sure you will enjoy it. Welcome to DC!!


It is One Of the Best Resorts Ever to me of course


Welcome to Disney Central. I can’t give an opinion on staying at the Beach club, but wanted to take a mintue to welcome you.


Welcome to DC!! Yes,the Beach Club is a wonderful resort. You will love it there.


Thank you all for your welcome! :slight_smile: We’re both getting really excited about the trip and I’m glad to hear that the Beach Club is a great place for the first visit. I have to say that I enjoy reading everyone’s posts. I’m always nervous about going to a new place (I don’t want to get caught off guard and miss something cool). But, all of your posts have been quite helpful in getting us ready for our trip.


i can definitely help you with this one. we stayed at the beach club for our first trip, my first ever trip to WDW, and we had such a wonderful time. january is a good time to go. the weather is comfortable and the crowds are small. even though the resort is a family friendly resort, it can still be romantic with a walk on the beach, the boardwalk literally a 5 minute walk and the same for Epcot. MGM is 10 minutes away. you’re in a great location. there is great things to do at night; jelly rolls and the atlantic dance hall. there is great food all around you and two theme parks minutes apart from one another. also, you’re not too far for a round of miniature golf at the fantasia gardens.

i say go for it. you’ll have a wonderful time. trust me.


Beach Club is a great choice for ANY time! It is absolutely my fantasy hotel – perfect location, beautiful theming, great food and pool! Couldn’t make a better choice!