Is Boma breakfast worth it?


Ok so we have never been to AKL:ohmy: ! I have always wanted to go there but have never made the time. We have never dinned there because of our worldest pickest son!!! I hear Boma has a great breakfast, and is picky kid friendly!!

My question is… Is it worth giving up a breakfast at O’hana’s? Or a dinner at O’hana’s? Does it take a lot of time to get to and from AKL???


I say, yes, yes, yes. Although, I must admit that I have never eaten at O’Hana so mine is not a fully informed reccommendation!

I adore the breakfast at Boma and make the time to head over there almost every trip. They truly have the best bacon I have ever had anywhere!

When I did Free Dining in 2006 and we ate everywhere (Le Cellier, Coral Reef, Spoodles, Prime Time, Whispering Canyon and Wolfgang Puck’s), when we asked my 9 year old cousin what his favorite meal was he said “Breakfast at Boma!”


I’ve never been to Boma for breakfast but have had dinner there…it was FANTASTIC!!! Boma’s does offer the standard kids choices for dinner: fries, chicken nuggets, all that stuff kids like. My two (DS 7, DD6) actually ventured outside their food comfort zone and really enjoyed tasting all the different foods; it was great, they were like little food critics. We had such an enjoyable time at Boma we plan on going again in December.


I’ve never done breakfast there either just once for dinner and it was extremely good.


Boma is wonderful for both breakfast AND dinner :wub:


We ate at Boma breakfast once, but to tell you the truth, I can’t really recall if I loved it or not. Reason being, we were heading home right after we ate, and I guess I was sooooooo upset, that I was in a fog. We will definitely be eating there again (cause we are staying at AKL. Yeah!!!). I will have a better outlook the next time.


Both are great.Ohana has characters,though.!!


Try something new! Boma is amazing!

(they’ll give ya zebra domes at breakfast if you ask, but you didn’t hear that from me! :ph34r: )


You should definately go to Boma for breakfast and check out the AKL. The breakfast (have been to it twice) is excellent. My DD and I are the queens of picky and we found plenty to eat and what we did find was SUPER!

Travel to Boma from another resort is long…you should take a cab there (about $15) and then use their transportation to go to your park of the day.