Is Breakfastosaurus still doing a character breakfast?


Does anyone know if Donald’s BFosaurus is still doing the character breakfast? Or is it Yak and Yeti now? This was our favourite character meal during our Sept trip and I am hoping it is still available when we go on our next trip…which may now be next Jan/Feb :blink: still working out that detail…
Thanks in advance.


I tried to book this for our June trip and was told that it is gone now. They replaced it with Donald’s Safari Breakfast at the Tusker House. The good news is it is still a character breakfast!!:happy:


The whole story is, Breakfastosaurus was a character buffet breakfast at Restaurantosaurus, which is really just a counter serve/McDonald’s. After the conversion of Tusker House to a buffet offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Breakfastosaurus became Donald’s Safari Breakfast. This features the same characters from Breakfastosaurus. I guess they’re safari hunters now instead of dinosaur researchers.


OK. Thanks Billi and Soundgod. I really liked the character breakfast at Restaurantosaus…the servers, the food, the cheeky atmosphere, all of it. I know I am probably in the minority, but it was our best character meal and the most fun. I guess I will be going on a safari next trip! How is the new one…good?


i was looking on allears and the menue for Tuskar House doesn’t say that the breakfast is a character meal…i wish they would update that info.


I have always been a defender of Breakfastosaurus. I won’t say it was the best, but it was good enough to be a regular stop. I’m pretty partial to Crystal Palace and 1900 Park Fair.
So far, I have been unable to get reservations for Donald’s Safari Breakfast. I would guess they’ve transfered the servers and much of the kitchen staff for the breakfast buffet to the new Tusker House. As I posted earlier, Restaurantosaurus is a counter service hamburger stand with air conditioned seating.


I am going in March… I can let you know then… According to the lady on the phone last night *her name was Bambi-so she must know about all things Disney- The characters are there, but they are scheduled to change!!!


She used to dance at the Doll House and that was her stage name.:laugh: