Is Cinderella's Royal Table really worthy?


Hello this is Magicridge again.
My sister really wants to go to the Cinderella’s Royal Table when we visit MK.
I checked the menu online and found that its 40 bucks per person. Considering having 5 people, we have to spend more than 200 bucks for one night dinner. Well, I am… kind of… cheap (I never spent more than 25 bucks per person for dinner), and I already spent more than 2000 for this trip. so… Here is the question…
Assuming I still can get the reservation, is Cinderella dining really worthy to do? If it turns out to be worthy to do, I am willing to spend 200. (what the hack… MK is where the magic happens right?)


You should go there for the breakfast. Same experience, but WAY cheaper. I have been there a few times and it’s been great. Good food, great service and princesses…total disney morning. It’s a great way to get into the park before it opens and get an edge on the rest of the crowd. Try for the 8:05 seating.


I completely agree with Dana. Last trip, we ate breakfast and dinner there. Dinner was way overpriced in my opinion–not something we are dying to do again. Breakfast was alot of fun, and the food was pretty good too. If you really want the experience of eating in the castle, I would definitely choos breakfast.


The only thing worth it about the dinner is if you’re able to time is right you can see the fireworks from inside the castle. It was a great experience for us, but I did go before Wishes so I’m not sure now. But it was pure magic from inside the castle.


I agree with the others - breakfast is a much better option.


I agree - Breakfast!


GO FOR BREAKFAST! (do they still have that yummy cheese filled French Toast??? OMG, TO DIE FOR!!! :tongue: )


Yes they do!


Isn’t it heaven??? :angel: :tongue:


I also say do the breakfast - but plan ahead, it’s hard to get an ADR for.


I agree. You should definitely go for the breakfast. It’s totally worth it!


We have eaten Breakfast and Dinner at the castle. I think dinner was OK but overpriced. The breakfast was good and the interaction with the princesses was great for my 5 y/o DD and 6 month old D/S. They were soooo good with my daughter and son, We have pricless pictures od Sleeping Beauty and Wendy with my son.
I would go for breakfast!


we have adrs for our anniversary night at 7:30 we are on the free dining plan. I know it cost two dinners but we have never been able to go before. we will be there this year for our 25th in september and we really wanted to eat in the castle.


if you can’t go for breakfast–i’d pick lunch over dinner…it’s cheaper, and there are characters/


i thought cinderella fairly godmother and the mice were at dinner? :huh:


I’m not sure actually. I think it’s the princesses.


I would go again to breakfest for the french toast alone.MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


I haven’t been for dinner but I thought breakfast was very good. Like Kim said, the french toast is to die for.

There really isn’t much difference in price between breakfast and dinner, breakfast is $31.99 and dinner is $39.99 and both meals are two table service credits. I don’t think it’s worth two credits but that’s just my opinion, you are paying extra to dine in the castle, not for the food.


I agree,I don’t think it’s worth TWO TS credits. I’d pay OOP for the meal and not waste a TS credit. But that’s just me. :wink:


I would pay OOP too. Most of our sit down meals ran about $35 each so I really don’t think CRT is worth 2 TS credits. I even think $32 for breakfast is high, I know you get a photo with it but it’s still too high. I’m glad we’ve done it 3 times because I don’t think we’ll go back for that price, especially since I have a boy.