Is Cirque Worth the Price?


We are trying to decide if we want to do Cirque when we go on our trip in April. I heard it’s not to be missed, but is it worth the expensive ticket price? There are three different seating categories with the best costing the most. I’ve always wanted to see Cirque, but we’ve never done it because of the price. Has anybody seen the show before???


Yes, Yes, and YES!!! I have been IN LOVE with Cirque since seeing La Nouba!!! I’ve seen three of their other shows now and have tickets for my fourth, “Corteo.”





We saw it last year and going again in June. Both DSs loved it so much. I never saw them is so much awe as they were the entire show. We had middle price tickets, first row in section 206. Seats were great. We have 1st row (Row AA) in section 202 for this time. Highly recommend going to see it. Have fun!


Yes…Loved it…!!! :smile:


We have been there, and it is definately worth it. Would we do it every trip?? No, but well worht to see at least onece.


La Nouba is a must see. And when you compare the prices to the Cirque shows in Vegas, it’s a bargain.


I think it’s pretty good. We didn’t like La Nouba as much as we liked Alegria, but we still REALLY enjoyed it. I think everybody should see it at least once.


I liked Dralion better than Alegria AND La Nouba Dew. Did ya see that one?

La Nouba still ROCKS though, LOVE IT! :wub:


I’ve been thinking about this for our May trip but haven’t beeked anything. Would an eight year old boy love it?


I saw MANY children that age seated around us and TOTALLY in awe!!! The show is just long enough to hold their attention, yet not too short to upset the adults paying for the tickets. hehe :tongue: I think he’ll love it, I won’t give it away but there are some AMAZING tricks on bikes. I think that would appeal to an 8 year old boy.


Thanks, Wish. I’ll have to give this one some more thought. Since the trip is a total surprise I can’t really ask him if he wants to go. We’ve talked WDW is general a couple of times but I don’t want to bring it up too often, I might give it away. Just last night he asked when we were going to Disney next. I said not this summer, we didn’t have the money to swing a Disney World trip after our big trip last summer. He then said “I have an idea, we could have a sale and sell your brownies.”


DW and I took a test ride last March and loved it. There were children there of all ages, and I did not see one who was not amazed and entertained. So we bugeted it for the whole family this June.

I advise you to sit in the middle, but not the lowest section of seats. When the performers come out at the start, they walk around and you don’t want to have to be turning around to try and see them.


This is so hard, I want to do it ALL. My DH is wanting me to keep this trip simple–in other words CHEAP. We went for two weeks last summer and went all out so he thought he was off the hook for a year or two. Some how I worked a trip in on him so I better not push it too much.


Cirque du Soleil is the one “must-do” attraction in all of Orlando. We take all our out-of-town guests to the show and they always are amazed and entranced – even the skeptics who don’t think they’ll enjoy it. As for tickets being expensive, here’s a tip: There are “restricted view” tickets available only at the box office for each performance. They are considerably cheaper than the regular tickets and the seat locations are just fine – along the walls on both sides of the theater. The only part of the stage that you can’t see very well is at the left or right rear corners, depending on what side you sit. You don’t miss a thing – really. These tickets also can be bought for advance performances, not just the day of the show. But you must buy them at the Downtown Disney box office.


Park Hopper, what’s the price difference between the regular tickets and the restricted view tickets?

My poor DH, he just sighs and walks out of the room when I start talking about adding to our trip.


I loved the show! Deb and I saw it when we went in 2003. It is amazing and so entertaining–I could not believe how fast the time went by! Great show–catch it if you can!


Disney Teacher, I just called the WDW reservations line and they were unable to give me the current price of restricted view tickets (obviously, they don’t want you to know there are cheaper tickets available). The CM knew they existed, though, and gave me the Downtown Disney Cirque du Soleil box office number. But despite repeated attempts at getting around their automated system, I never was able to speak with an actual human being. Sorry. It’s been a couple of years since the last time we bought restricted view tickets, but I believe the price was $48 plus tax. They’ve probably gone up since then, but it’s still a substantial savings.

DW and I have seen La Nouba 8 or 9 times over the years and have sat in all the price categories. Believe me, there’s not a thing wrong with the restricted view seats – especially if you’re trying to save a little money.


Wow, thanks for all your hard work on this. I may have to make a stop at DtD and pop over to Cirque and see what we can get. At $50 it’s a great deal and worth checking out.


Is it a better idea to reserve tickets ahead of time or see what you can get the day of the show? I’m thinking of going for the $75 tickets and really want good seats since we haven’t seen this show before.