Is december too cold for the water parks?



we are at WDW 6-18 december and want to try out at least one water park.

[li]which one do you recommend?
[/li][li]are the pools heated?
[/li][li]how long should we plan to stay there??
[/li][li]my son is 14, and i love coasters…which park is for us??
[/li][li]what should we take?
[/li][li]we are staying at
[/li][/ol]POFQ, how long does it take to get there??

sorry for all the questions, but he really wants to go :slight_smile:

thanks again


We went back in 1996 in later November - we went to blizzard beach and it was wonderful. The water was warm, it was just a bite chilly when you got out.


hey there Karen!

You are going to love POFQ. I just stayed there this past october and loved it. From POFQ, most commuting time are average of 20minutes or so. Some a bit less, some more, but not by much. If you are going to the water parks, take a bag with you that has, sun screen, aloe, beach towels, shoes ofcourse,money, your passes, camera etc. The pools are heated all over WDW, however, december is dicey with the water parks. You may be blessed and have 80 degree ish weather or you could be 60’s and chilly. You are going to have to wait till the time comes and start checking the weather about 10 days before you travel date on to get an idea of what weather you are going to be dealing with on your trip. I went in January twice. One year we were wearing T-shirts and the next year, we froze. It’s a crap shoot. the pools at the resort are heated as well. I suggest taking a sweatshirt and some sweatpants with you to the pool or water park to put on when you get out of the water.


Thanks Dana… I do remember it being a bit chill after we got out of the water. I didn’t get to do much… Miss SMIG decided to take a nap.


hey guys, thanks for your replys

my joshy will swim in ALL weather, as most 14 yr old boys do, no feeling from the head down…but me, i’m a bit more picky.

should we get there at opening time, or wait till lunch when it may be a bit warmer…and is the water heated on the slides???I just dont like being cold.

what rides are a MUST DO…at blizzard beach?? How many hours should we allot for this park??would we be able to MGM later that night??
do they have lockers to fit all our stuff??

thanks again, isnt planing a wdw trip the best!

karen & josh


unfortunatly the disneyworld wesite is saying that Blizzard Beach will be closed for refurbishment during december. but typhoon lagoon will be open.

Walt Disney World Resort - Operational Updates


Yup. That time of year, you don’t get a choice. Each park gets closed for a 6 week period during the winter months.

So, of course you’ll need to do the Slush 'n Gush.

Just don’t inflate your expectations. You’ll need to flow with the weather. I’ve been twice in December and neither time was it really warm enough to do the water parks. (Although, I saw some people go there.)

In 2004, we actually had a frost one night. But last year, we had a couple of days in the high 70s. December and January can really be crazy in central Florida.


i am going in december, and i was wondering the same thing. i guess we will have to play it by ear…

the pools at the hotels are heated also, correct???


Yes, sir. I believe all the resort pools are heated.


Like the others have said, you can’t really count on swimming as an option in December. Hopefully, you’ll have a day that’s warm enough, but you can’t tell ahead of time. The most you can hope for is a day in the high 70’s…maybe squeaking into the low 80’s if you’re really lucky.

I haven’t found December warm enough to swim yet, but the kids are fine with it. Personally, I go for the hot tub while they splash around in the cool pool water.

And again: bring something warm to put on when you get out (like a robe). A towel won’t do it.


December has been pretty much a crap shoot everytime we have been. Some days it’s down right freezing and sometimes your sweating and that’s probably all in the same week.

We usually check the extended forcast and try and save the warmest day for swimming.




Hope that helps!


We are at WDW 6-18 december and want to try out at least one water park.

[li]which one do you recommend?
[/li]I lean toward Blizzard Beach, but Typhoon Lagoon has the Crush n Gusher water coaster.
[li]are the pools heated?
[/li]Not sure, but I’d guess it’s likely they’re warmed slightly.
[li]how long should we plan to stay there??
[/li]That’s up to you and how crowded the slides you really want to ride are.
[li]my son is 14, and i love coasters…which park is for us??
[/li]There are only six coasters in all of WDW. Goofy’s Barnstormer family coaster, Space and Big Thunder Mountains in Magic Kingdom. Expedition Everest and the Primevel Whirl spinning mouse coaster in Animal Kingdom and finally Rock and Roller Coaster in MGM. If you’re looking for intesive coaster riding, you’re going to have to go to Busch Gardens. Disneyworld’s coasters are not top of the heap thrill coasters and you’ll need to hop parks in order to do them all.
[li]what should we take?
[/li]Clothing for December can be tricky. It can be 80 or 50 often in the same week, sometimes the same day. As you get closer to travel, start looking a the 10 day forcasts at
[li]we are staying at
[/li][/LIST]POFQ, how long does it take to get there??
I’ll let someone else take this.


from what i am seeing here, and whay i am reading online, i do not think i will be swimming. oh well. i am there to go on rides, not swim anyway…


That’s right, now I remember TL was closed when we were there in 1996


Chris, bring the swimsuit anyway. One year I went for a swim at midnight on New Year’s and the pool wasn’t heated, and I wasn’t using anti-freeze, yet.


that must have been fun…

i’ll bring it just incase. thanks for the advice…


we were there last Dec …it was too cold for swimming and water parks in my opinion…but since southern weather is so unpredictable you should bring bathing suits just in case :slight_smile:


i’ll bring one. my luck the weather will be warm and i will be mad for not bringing it…