Is Disney losing there magic to greed


Have you had an experiance with a cast member or disney ride, show, accomidations or dinning that made you feel as if disney is loding there magic.

Our most recent trip some cast seemed to be over worked and cranky. But most were nice. :ohmy: I feel profits are ruling over magic.


I think this is all relative but I am SURE that most MB members, being frequent travelers to WDW, have had SOME experiences that were a little ‘less than magical’ on one trip or another. Que sera sera.

I didn’t vote on this poll b/c I don’t think greed per say is indefinately responsible for any ‘loss of magic’ that I may have witnessed. I personally think it’s a lot of other factors, but nobody cares about what I have to say about those. :laugh:


I have no vote either. I don’t think it has anything to do with greed…some poor management perhaps and maybe to many new people not trained in the way that a cast member should be. Lost of magic? How can that be when the place is what you make of it? My trip had some serious bumps, but less magic…hardly. WDW is magic…it’s as magic as you make it. The castle brings tears to my eyes and turns me into a kid again…high ticket prices or whatever we are calling their greed now isn’t going to change that magic.


I think the magic is about the same as always. I think I may expect too much at times (like wanting to win a dream) but it’s not Disney’s fault.


I agree with Dana. Nothing can take away the feelings I have when I step out onto Main Street.
I did have a very unmagical experience on this trip which had nothing to do with greed…and I was ready to pack up and leave (I am very serious too)…but, something magical happened that helped me change my mind.


There may be times when there isn’t as much magic at Disney…such as when a ride breaks down or you visit at a time when it is crazy busy. However, there really is something magical about just being at Disney. There are very few parks or other museums…etc…with the same magic.


We always have a great time. I believe the magic is still there and always will be!!


I didn’t vote either…I don’t feel that Disney has lost the magic, I just feel that sometimes we put so much expectation into our trips being perfect, that we if the slightest thing goes wrong (even if it is just my kids having a bad day or being tired) we feel the trip isn’t as “magical”.

I always plan my trips thinking, that my boys are going to be perfect angels (they are 5 & 3 yrs old), and while they are good, they are not perfect. But for some reason I always think when I am planning my WDW trip they will be perfect and appreciative LOL:blink:

And even if they are being semi perfect, and a cast member has a bad attitude, I have to remember we all have bad days :blush:

Do I like it when ticket prices go up, absolutely not, but gas has gone up, my homeowners has gone up, my property taxes have gone up and the price of milk is…well ridiculous:blink: But I have to agree with Dana, when I see the castle as I am walking down Main Street, it is still magical to me after all these years…

Hmmm maybe the magic is why I expect my boys to be perfect when they are there…:blush:


I have to say it’s the same. It’s only when I start to think like a real adult that I get a little cynical…but then I remember it’s all about acting like the kid I really am on the inside and none of that silly stuff matters and I just enjoy it!!


Yeah… I really am just a kid, so there’s no $$$ on me, yet. I’m living it up while I can! :happy: I only worry about how I’ll fund my Disney trips in the near future…


I voted… Magic same as ever… because for my family… this is the case. We have not experienced anything in our last 8 trips that has proven otherwise. Of course CM’s are going to have a bad day occasionally. Who doesn’t. You work with tens of thousands a people a day and see if you don’t get a little cranky once in a while. I do not think GREED has anything to do with it what so ever! Disney is a business that is out to provide entertainment plus make a profit. That makes sense to me.


I think everyone has the odd little occasions when things dont seem as magical and CMs are people just like the rest of us so are entitled to their off days just like us though we’ve never really had a majorly bad experience with any of them.
Disney will always be about the magic but it will always be about the money aswell.


I voted #3, the same. Disney may increase its prices, but so does Six Flags etc, and we will all agree that Disney beats the competition hands down.


[B]Magic better than ever!!!

I think it’s the same as it always has been and better. Anyone can look at this question with a positive aspect or negative aspect. I think it depends on the person that the question is posed to. IMHO; I don’t see any change and I always go excepting the best all the time. I guess it all boils down to what you make of it. It can’t be the money, IMHO. Disney has to pay bills like everyone eles. Some people go down and forget to enjoy themselves or that there on vacation. Rush, rush, go, go, go for the Disney experience. That’s not Disney; it’s what the person on vacation makes of it. No matter how much money you spend a lot or a little if your running around like a nut it’s always a little less “Magical” than enjoying the little things. Like watching a child smile, having a cone of ice cream melting on your hand and the smell of chocolate in the air. That’s the Magic and I don’t even care if it’s all make believe.

Its just DISNEY!



We always look forward to our trip to Disney and as we can’t get there as much as others I think the Magic will always be there. Case in point as I work in Boston Ma. I don’t get excited with the sites and others seem to walk around in amazement


I have no complaints since on my last trip, Disney made my dreams come true!!! :wub:

So I voted that the magic is better than ever.


Regarding the CM… OH YES… that same if not better, they are wonderful and so helpful…

During our last trip some of the guest were just plain rude or nasty or both. They should inforce some sort of dress code, I really don’t like seeing some girls butt hanging out of her shorts…


Losing their MAGIC to greed? Interesting question!


I voted for same as ever…even though I only had my first trip back in May, I had nothing to compare it to. I did have some negative moments from some CM’s but just being there and all the planning and research made it all worth it and I didn’t care at that point. I really awesome CM’s made up for the negative ones. If my next trip is mostly negative then I may rethink my vote but I doubt it will be.


I am in agreement with about everyone on here. We ADORE WDW. Sure we have had occasional minor run in with a CM who was in a bad mood or having a bad day, but our vacations have been full of magic each and every time.
There are people out there who say that Disney is greedy, or that the magic is gone (my inlaws being two of those people), but it is what you make of it. Our whole family is happy at WDW, we have a great time, enjoy each other’s company and bond as a family. I think that part of the “magic” of WDW is what you make of it. Take time, slow down, savor every moment-look at the magic on your child’s face, laugh at your EE picture, skip thru Fantasyland-that is what WDW is all about. Don’t expect WDW to make the magic for you-make it happen for yourself while you are there.