Is Grand Floridian Worth it?


Okay, maybe I am just wanting people to put me at ease…

Here is our plan for June, I pretty much made this whole trip plan and all the reservations myself as a surprise to my wife and daughter. Last year we did the Poly on our anniversary week and had the trip of our life. My wife has not ben quiet about it a single day. Soooo, for our 10th anniversary this year, I decided to try to “one up” our trip from last year and take my wife and daughter to Grand Floridian for the week of June 14th through the 20th. Then, made us the reservations for the same things just like last year. California Grill for our Anniversary dinner, Bibbiti Boppiti for our 6 year old, every other restaurant I could get us into with the Deluxe Dining Plan, you name it. Oh, one other thing, just got a “Garden View” room after we had received a free upgrade last year to the Park View. Do I need to call and upgrade to a Park View this year?

My question is whether the GF is that much better than the Poly? Any ideas too on anything special I can do for my wife during this week.

Sorry, just paranoid this morning I can’t top last years and I REALLLLLLLLY want to.

Man, maybe I am just being silly. Perfection is hard to attain. LOL.

Any ideas how to make it “super special”? I love my girls and want them happy.


I totally understand, I’ve been ‘one upping’ our trips for several years now & getting close to the ceiling. :laugh:

They’ll love it, you’re doing the right thing if you want to spoil them & make them leave with QUITE an impression. If she loved the Poly I am sure the GF will be amazing for your family.

Now… the REAL question is; which spa treatments are you going to book for them :tongue:


Hmmm, spa treatments, not a baddddd idea… I have taken my wife to massages, couples spas, but my daughter has never had one… Maybe something cool for both of them to do together. Does GF offer Mommy/Daughter stuff?

Second, do I need to upgrade the room to a Park View?


I wouldn’t pay for a park view, personally. Just mention it’s your tenth anniversary and hope they’ll upgrade you. There’s nothing wrong with the Garden View, either (I don’t think ‘parking lot view’ exists at the GF). We had a GV room in Sago Cay, last June, and it happened to include a view of Bay Lake and the monorail. A lot of the GVs are actually lagoon views. I, personally, wouldn’t spend the extra hundred or so a night for a park view.

I’m also thinking a spa treatment for DW would make the trip super special. :happy:

You also might consider a fireworks cruise. I know they recently changed the Bay Lake fireworks cruises so that you don’t have to have a “grand gathering” in order to be eligible.


The Grand Floridian is lovely. Everything about it is first class.


Awesome! Thank you guys! I for some reason got totally paranoid this weekend and have read every review I can on the place. I am going to figure out the best spa treatment for my wife for our anniversary day. Thanks for the help!


I love the Grand Floridian and think its a wonderful hotel for what you have planned…I personally dont like the price they charge nightly, but for this occasion I think it would be nice…its one of my favorite resort hotels. I dont think you need to spend the extra money for a Park View…all of the views at the GF are nice, BUT if you tell the reservation Cast Member what the occasion is…they may surprise you and upgrade you for free (they did that for my friends parents at the Disneyland Hotel on their 8th Anniversary last year). And a Spa Treatment would be a great surprise IMO.


Don’t forget to schedule your DD. You WILL be the man.


Grand Floridian is TOTAL ELEGANCE !


A co-worker said that is the ONLY place she’ll stay. She said it makes the whole trip magical and Disney.


I agree… GF is an amazing hotel and if I could afford it :laugh::glare: I would stay their every trip.


Same here, if we could swing it we would stay there in a heartbeat. We have friends who only stay at GF because it’s so nice.


Have to agree with all the others here…the Grand Floridian is a really lovely place and has that extra “Wow Factor” to make any celebration that bit more special.
I wouldn’t agree that all rooms have a great view though ( ours was on the ground floor and overlooked the far end of the path by the pool ).
Hopefully they’ll upgrade you because you’re on a special trip.

If you like Victorian splendour, first class customer service, and an ambience unmatched by any other Resort then this is the place for you.

Give Mizner’s Lounge a try for that well-earned cocktail to wind down after a hard day at the Parks.


>>My question is whether the GF is that much better than the Poly? <<
Tough question. I would say it’s personal preference. “I” think so. The GF is total class. Definitely the Flag Ship of the WDW resorts. I’ve stayed at both, and if the $$ don’t matter for the occasion, then “I’d” pick the GF. Guess it comes down to $$ differences and whether you want to spend the bucks there or somewhere else. Good luck with the decision. I doubt you can go wrong at either place.


I think it’s up to personal opinion. I would stay at Poly over GF any day but that’s because the themeing of GF doesn’t really appeal to me.
However, if I really wanted to blow someone away with a surprise GF is probably where I would stay in a heartbeat. It is the epitome of Disney shock and awe. :laugh:
I agree…book her a spa treatment she will love that!


If you can afford it, it’s worth it.
If you can’t afford it, the Poly and the Contemporary are just as good.
My own favorite is the Contemporary, followed by the Wilderness Lodge.
As for upgrading, unless you have more money to spare, I wouldn’t. I’d keep my fingers crossed that they’ll be able to upgrade you for free when you check in.


I am going to say yes to the GF too, if we could afford it, we would stay there. Your wife and DD are going to love it, and its a wonderful way to celebrate your 10th anniversary- go and enjoy!


Yes it is worth it. My family stayed at the GF in July 2008. We will not stay anywhere else. Mark my words, when you walk into the lobby for the first time all mouths in you party will be drop in amazement. The young man who was taking us to “Dan the concierge” had to keep telling us to keep moving, because we were all staring at the beauty of the lobby. GF had everything we wanted and more. You will join the GF fanclub, like my family, and defend the GRAN FLORIDIAN against all the haters. It is well worth it.


It’s a very bad idea. Treated DW to couples massage on cruise, now she wants massages on EVERY trip. TWO on the last crusie - I spent as much in the SPA as I did for the crusie. :laugh:

You’ll enjoy GF.


OK, you want to talk lobbies, let’s talk lobbies.
WL’s lobby is just as jaw dropping and so is AKL’s, maybe more so.
Additionally, as soon as you mentioned that you were being taken to the concierge check in, that tells me that you were club level guests, and GF’s club level are the most expensive accommodations in WDW. If you’re a concierge guest at GF, they’d better be giving you exemplary service.
By the way, we’ve stayed at all of the rest of the deluxe hotels club levels and the service is exactly the same regardless of hotel, although the food offerings in each club lounge do vary widely according to that particular hotel’s restaurants. (Contemporary gets desserts from California Grill, GF from V&A)
But feel free to extol the virtues of the GF. There is no other hotel on property that has two signature restaurants, a character buffet, and the Fodor’s 4 Star rated Victoria and Albert’s and its exclusive Chef’s Table.
But the rooms at the Poly and Contemporary are bigger.