Is it a bad thing when


…your 9-year-old cousin equates the courtyard of your apartment building with the queue line of Tower of Terror??? :pinch: :dry:


It might mean your courtyard is scary!


No, it’s a good thing bali. It simply means your little cousin is in a Disney state of mind. :mickey:

Of course it could mean your courtyard has seen better days…hmmmm.


Do you get a lot of Trick-or-treaters on Halloween?


Bad? No! Sounds…charming :eek: :tongue:


Hahaha! Can we see pictures?


Yeah, pictures!! Sounds cool.


It all depends if you want it to look that way.
It’s all about “I meant to do that.”


Hmmm…that sounds really awesome, but then again…when you have visitors do they often walk up near the courtyard and right there and then decide its time to leave? If they do that it could be a sign of its time to re-furbish the courtyard. :tongue: lol


Well Bali, he’s 9 so his still has an excuse!!! hehe. now what about a 27 year old that STILL compares architechture and landscaping with that found in WDW. NOOOOTTTT mentioning ANY names or anything! hehe : :ninja:


No, it’s a very good thing. It means his brain is being trained to relate everything to Disney. This way his brain is always happy. As for your courtyard - well…does your building have elevators?


What?, A lot of people standing around waiting to get inside…and why do they want to get inside may I ask? :smile:


I think that’s pretty cool!


That’s cool!!! Of course you are asking the wrong people if you want an objective opinion:)


Just pretend Disney themed your Apartment’s courtyard… That should make you feel better… :laugh:


It’s fine as long as you don’t have an elevator…:pinch:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Good one Princess T!!!


LOL! You guys are great! You’re right–I’ll definitely take it as a positive that his young brain is being disney-fied at a rapid rate! No elevators here–strictly a walk-up type of place–but I agree that the courtyard could use a little, ahem, “updating.” :slight_smile: It can get a little spooky at times… .

R2G–it must be a morning in mid-January, 'cause there aren’t a whole lot of people trying to get into this place! :slight_smile: