Is it just me or are the parks really busy?


We are in Disney for DDs 16 and this is are second week. The first week was good but this week seems really busy. We were at HS today and arrived late since we were there yesturday and wanted to see the parade and Fantasmic. We arrived at 230 and all the fast passes were gone for TOT and RRC. Both shows of Fantasmic were packed! Magic Kingdom was also really busy on Monday even during the late extra magic hours.:ohmy:


Oh, don’t go telling me its already busy. I will be there in 2 weeks and thats NOT what I want to hear.


My guess everyone is avoiding Epcot due to Food & Wine. I’d go to Epcot :laugh:


I was there last weekend for food and wine. Epcot was slammed on Saturday. We hit up the Animal Kingdom on Sunday and it was dead. However, the traffic does start picking up in October.

Personally, I stay away from the Studios until the weather cools down (I feel it is the hottest park). Something about the buildings and narrowness of the walkways that I find that particular park just holds in the heat. Now that we’ve had nice weather, I’m ready to make it over there. I’m not sure if others feel that way, but we tend to notice higher traffic come Oct, Nov and Dec over at the Studios. Then again, you could chock that up to peak season!


A good example of why I love the Park Hopper so much. I’ve seen many times where a park is just packed for no reason at all. This is when being flexible is good to be able to hop on over to another park, and find that its empty.


I talked with my cousin who is a manager at PH in DTD and she said the crowds have definitely picked up from levels of the last 2 years and the bookings for foreign(se Brazil) visitors are way up so the crowd levels do make sense.


Oct used to be one of the best months to go, and all though it’s still my fav it’s gotten so busy over the years due to the ever increasing popularity of F & W, added dates to MNSSHP and overall deals.


not sure about the scheduling but that tends to happen on nights that MK closes early for MNSSH…people opt not to go to MK but end up at epcot and HS …just a thought…but in the past that has been our experience when one shutters early then the others get crowded…and iam sure AK closes the earliest right…


For two days at AK, the line for the safari stayed around 40-60 mins. The third day, 10 minutes. :blink: It’s kind of a toss up whether or not you’ll hit a crowd there lately.

I went to Epcot on Wednesday for my first tasting of Food & Wine (:wub:) and World Showcase was PACKED. Soarin & Test Track had 50-60 minute waits at 8pm. (Not sure if that’s typical though - I usually fastpass those earlier in the day.)

I’ve been trying to book a hotel for my family on a weekend in October - NOTHING available (in our price range, which is Value or Moderate). They said weekdays might have more options though.


Gee, I hope the crowds really thin out right after Thanksgiving! This will be our first real vacation as DVC members. We did one short trip already, but it was just a long weekend and wasn’t even in our home resort. Can’t wait til November.


I expected that this weekend was going to be a bit busy, but I hope it drops off significantly after Monday.


Just what I did not want to read!


We went to AK today and the crowd seemed to follow however in the park the lines were doable.


i second that! busy= not cooooool


there are gonna be brazilians when i go too?