Is it just me?


Am I just too old to accept change? I am having a hard time with the new MouseBuzz …it is still DC to me … just like The TTA is still the WEDWAY people mover.


AWWW- I still tell people that I talk on DC or Disney Central- It is hard for me to change as well…


The TTA will always be the “people mover,” BTMRR will ALWAYS be “the runaway train,” and most importantly MouseBuzz will ALWAYS be “DC!” It’s just something everyone will have to deal with :tongue:


I still think of it at DC and I’m sure I will for a long time. I like the new name a lot, I think Mickey did a great job with it but I still think of this place as DC.


I still call it DC too…force of a 1 and a half year habit i suppose…


Yep, I still call it DC as well.


I call it DC, still - and if I’m talking to Matt, he makes me say MB before I can continue my sentence! :laugh:


I still call it DC. There isn’t a problem with MouseBuzz/MB, it’s just a habit. I still think of it as DC. My bookmark at work is actually still set to

Edit: And wow, Bella! I got here just a month after you. I figured you had been here much longer than me…


oh good it isnt just me … lol I have been here 4 years and that makes it very hard to accept a name change … I agree Mickey did fine … and I understand why … just …wellllllll as Wish said … the peoplemover will always be the peoplemover and DC will always be DC


I still think of this place as DC!!!


Well, having only joined last year, it’s not as ingrained to me. :happy:

I guess being a newbie has it’s advantages. :laugh:

Even though I still think of it as DC every now and then. :redface:


I love the new look, but not the new name. I think it stinks that Disney lawyers forced the change. I would think they would have more a problem with the new Mickey hand logo than with the name.

Of course, HAVING to make the change, Mickey did well.


I think it’s nice. It’s like getting something new. All Mickey’s hard work is really great. In my head it is still DC, but I will adjust!


This kind of thing is happening all over. For example, Ford has also been cracking down on the use of it’s name so had to become You’d think they’d be happy for the publicity, Disney too. I guess they look at it as protecting their name. Of course, they know most smaller websites don’t have the funding for a drawn out legal battle.

I actually like the new name better, though.


I am a creature of habit as well, and still call it DC, but I’m trying!!

I love the new look and name as well, great job, Mickey!


Heck no, it’s not just you, Tink! This is still DC to me…but it’s not a big dealio - we’re still able to get in here and talk Disney Disney Disney 24/7 and that’s what’s really important!


I’m a pretty laid back kind of fella, so I’ve been ok with the change. I slipped a few times and called it “DC,” but not too many times. I think the new look is GREAT, and I think the name is catchy. I only have one question… At Christmas time, will the new “Mickey Hand” logo wear a Santa hat? :laugh:


I am slowly starting to call it Mouse Buzz, but I just realized that butt-crack dude is gone. I miss him.


I love the new look … and of course Mickey did a great job. I am just as mrspooky wrote … a creature of habit … and since DC has been my habit for several years it makes it hard. and like Maggie I miss the butt crack guy :frowning: