Is it just me


Or did the prices at some of the restaurants go up? I looked at Germany and breakfast at Chef Mickeys and I did not think they were that high when we went a few months ago. We did not go to Germany but checked into it and looked at the prices but decided not to go. I thought that Germany was around 30.00 for adult and now it is around 35.00. Can someone clarify this for me. Also, CM I thought was around 21.00 or 22.00 and I look and it is 27.00 for breakfast. Thanks!!


not there right now but lately it would seem in line with current management decisions,hopefully it is just a short trend


Yes they have gone up a little, but this way they can give the free dining later in the year, You notice that free dining is usually during the value season. But lately even the value seasons are getting crowded.