Is It Just Me


…Or does anyone else go onto the Disney World website and pretend to make reservations? I caught myself doing that a little while ago… Just making about 50 bazillion different reservations! :blush: Haha! I just love doing that… I used each resort at LEAST twice! :happy: I do this a lot… And I was wondering if anyone else does?::blush:


Everyone has their own little quirky things they do. We have Disney dinners, where we make a meal from different resturants.


I did it once when I was home sick from work and then convinced my wife to take a trip.


Oh, ALL THE FREAKIN’ time. Planning trips I’m never going to be able to take is one of my hobbies. I suppose I could be more productive, but there it is.


Oh that sounds fun!:happy:


I guess I can say it’s one of my hobbies, too! I always find myself on the website. :laugh:


Guilty!!! So fun to plan pretend vacations I cannot or will not ever be able to afford.


Oh I know! It’s just so much fun!:laugh::blush::happy:


yeah, right,… freak…!!!:whistling

ok, mayyyyyybe once… last year… when i was drunk… … i actually have disney’s reservation page open right now…:ph34r:


Absolutely! And you know what? It really makes you educated when you are looking to make a real reservation.


Oh, I do that all of the time! I full-out planned my 16th birthday a few years ago. I had reservations (well, I didn’t actually call and make them, but I planned out the days I wanted) and everything. I’ll play around with suites and fancy things. Dream vacations are my favorite. I actually have a notebook full of itineraries for imaginary trips as a child. I would plan out the order we did everything - it would be a trip with my friends. Super fun! :laugh:


My husband does this all the time… The WDW website and the cruise site.


Hehe! Yes it does!:laugh::happy:


Oh, I’ve always wanted a trip with my friends! :happy: It would be soo much fun! I’m always planning trips for over my birthday or holidays. :laugh::happy: