Is it ok to hate your DH?


I am in Maine it is 9 and we have 2 feet of snow coming this weekend. My DH is in Disney World driving for a bus tour and he called today to rub it in that it was 74 and sunny. A little hate is brewing.:pirate:


Awww, just think he is driving not really enjoying.


If it makes you feel any better it wasn’t 74 today…70 sunny in the morning partly cloudy in the afternoon :mellow: :huh: :laugh: *


9? ouch, yeah I would be hating too. I am hating my 60 so I won’t say anything about your 9. :eek::ohmy:


OOOHHH, sounds like he will have to make it up to you-is a trip in the works, then?


He needs to take you next time!!!


Ooh, brave man, isn’t he? LOL


And you live in Maine during the winter by choice…why? :biggrin:


I’m missing something here - what’s the problem?


In this case, yes it’s fine to hate him.


Don’t hate him, get even. Throw all his clothes on the lawn before the snows come.


Now Now, Dont be a hater. He is working making money to save up for another WDW vacation.


Book a trip while he’s there!


Classic… I was thinking the same. :laugh:
Maybe he is scouting out the next trip for the gang??? Hmmmmm?


Or taking the DVC tour for a suprise purchase.

Maybe he can get a job driving for WDW. Or better yet, a job scheduling the buses - by far the most frustrating part of any trip is waiting for a bus and watching MULTIPLE buses for another part go by with NO ONE on them!