Is it ok to share meals?


I’m working on our August ADR’s; this will be our first time without the DDP (not worth it with a 10 year old). Are there any problems with sharing meals at WDW restaurants? I know at buffets and family style you pay for everyone at the table, but at al carte style restaurants do they have a sharing charge? We are trying to budget for the meals.


We share meals quite a lot, in the sense that we order a bunch of stuff and we all eat it… that is not to say that we only order meals for two people and the other two just eat off those plates. We get a couple of appetizers, salads and fancy coffees after the meal in addition to some entrees, and we make sure the tip is as if we had all ordered a full meal. We have never had a sharing surcharge.

How can I not share a meal? If DH gets something that looks incredibly delicious, don’t I deserve a little taste??? LOL


We often share meals - especially counter-service. Have you seen the size of the wraps??? My dh and I will often share a chicken wrap and a salad for lunch. I have a HUGE pet peeve about wasting food - I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen families literally dump enough food for four people into the trash.

At dinner in a nice sit-down restaurant I might order a salad or soup and a starter for my meal and my dh will order an entree. Then we’ll basically eat a little of anything we choose. We might share a dessert. It’s not even a case of being cheap - it’s a case of not being able to eat that much. But we always tip as if we have had two meals.


llamarama… read our last posts! I think it is true, that saying about great minds! LOL


My dear Miss Disney - has there even been any doubt?:laugh: [SIZE=“1”] (well, except for that unfortunate Christmas box incident.:redface:)[/SIZE]


I see no problem with that,but some restaurants require an additional fee toosplit meals,the only way to find out would be to ask in advance at the particular restaurants your interested in…


Give WDW Dining a call and ask in advance before you make your ADR’s just to be sure. I have seen other people do it before and never seem to have any problems so I can’t see them making a big deal out if it :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of your responses!

DH and I always share with each other (that way we get to try different things).

But this time I’m hoping to expand DD eating beyond the chicken strips, I hoping that by bribing with the line “we’ll get dessert if you will share the entrée with me” will work.:cool:


I plan on sharing most of my meals with my DS, who is 10, this trip. He’s so picky and I can’t eat everything so hopefully we’ll have our bases covered.


As long as you’re paying out of pocket there is nothing wrong with sharing entrees, appetizers, or desserts, just as long as you are NOT at a buffet or similar all you can eat establishment.
However, if it is a buffet, everyone pays (and that is always enforced).


That’s what we are hoping to do to! I really wish WDW had something JR. priced for these 10 -12 years olds. We are planning on the HDD dinner show, but I keep looking at the price for adults.:crying:


We’ve never had an issue. We often do substitutions for items on the kids’ menu too. Wait staff is usually very agreeable.


I must be the odd ball. We rarely share any meal. I mean ok, we sample from each others plates at times, but usually the only sharing going on is if I have a 1 yr old with me. I did that last trip, but she actually eats enough to warrant her own meal and in fact did end up with her own meal over 1/2 the time!

The 7 of us are big foodies. We love food, we are rarely picky, and always order separate meals for each of us. I think the portions are just right, and rarely overly large. We rarely waste the food, and if anything is unopened (grapes etc) then it goes w/ us. :ninja:

That being said, when my kids get tired of the same ol at WDW we let them pick up something else for a meal just to switch it up, or they swap something w/ a sibling. OR…we did dessert for dinner and snacked if later we were hungry. Hey you only live once right? But…my kids aren’t picky and rarely complain, they are just happy to be at WDW.

I do kinda wish that the hotels had some b-fast items on their menu’s at night. Because my pregnancy cravings kicked in and I wanted their french toast BAAAAAAAAD one night. :laugh: Plus, that would give the kids a few more options to eat.

I don’t think they’d give you a hassle about sharing, but buffets and the like they will definitely have you buy the 10 yr old a plate, unless she can pretend she’s 2? :huh::laugh:


You’re not an odd ball.
DW and I have almost never shared a single entree.
Sharing for us is more along the lines of “try this” or “would you like to finish my steak, I’m full”.
It is much more likely that we would share one appetizer between the two of us.
There is much else in your post I agree with whole heartedly, but there seem to be many posters here who, unlike us, think the standard meals contain too much food.
As for left overs, that’s what they invented doggie bags, to go containers, and in room refrigerators for.
And I would love some place inside WDW that offered breakfast dishes all day and night. That way you wouldn’t need to exit the world and go to Denny’s, IHOP, or Steak and Shake out on SR 535.
Heck, I might just think it would be a wonderful thing if McDonald’s had a 24 hour breakfast menu!


Soundgod-Glad I’m not an oddball:pirate: hehe

As for the breakfast thing, I just was kind of amazed it wasn’t offered. My kids love b-fast for dinner. We did it last night in fact!

Dh read this post and said “Sometimes there needs to be more even!”:laugh:

Man, now I want b-fast.


We are debating going to disney in oct without the ddp.even if its offered for free we will be at Ft.Wilderness so we would have to pay oop and at $1260 something for all 4 of us is nuts. To us thats a mtg payment but if my oldest wasnt going to be 12 time of travel i would probally go for it.


For me and 3 kids it’s something like $1,800. We’re doing the DDP QS and staying 4 days at POFQ. Well, I’m guessing the $1,800 I should say. Fil booked 2 adjoining rooms and he has my oldest who will be 10 then in his and mil’s room. My ressie confirm e-mail has me and 2 kids at $1,400. I assume $1,800 based on the fact that my now 9yr old will be 10 at the time of the trip so she should be more expensive obviously.

Though I am only paying $1k of the total WDW bill (yay for awesome in laws), our next trip there will be at X-Mas time. Lord help me then. 5 Kids, 2 adults and WDW. Can we say:eek::blink::eek::blink: with a :blow: thrown in.

PS…this is after a room discount that dropped about $500 off our bill.


I also see no problem with it as long as DW doesn’t - even if there was a slight surcharge, you still may be further ahead to do this.

DH and I always split the quesadilla burger w/fries(it’s huge) then we order two appetizers. Makes for a perfect variety meal. and we’re just right, not “stuffed”

I also hate to waste food. When we get the meal plan, I agree, there was soooo much waste.


We actually really liked the meal plan and we did the Deluxe plan but it’s a pretty big price difference for a 10 year old. Also we are staying 13 nights this time and plan to eat at the villa some. Thanks for all the responses.


For the life of me, I can’t imagine how an entree (generally a 6-8 oz serving) and a dessert are too much food!