Is it pathetic?


That going down for the “magical beginnings” experience this year, I’m actually really bummed that we’re missing Dan Zanes and Friends by less than a week? (I think Ralph’s World is pretty hackey).

Boy, it’s a long way from camping out for Springsteen tickets, huh? What a difference having 3 pre-schoolers makes!:laugh:


I am feelin’ your pain!!:laugh:
Things sure change tons after you have rugrats!!


:laugh: LOL!!! I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about… guess it’s obvious that I have teens then!


me neither. But I wasn’t going to admit it :laugh:

I guess it’s some teenybopper thing and those two cool moms are looking forward to that rather than the cool “hair bands” tickets from the 80s and 90s :laugh:

:crying: :crying: I know, life has changed a tiny bit for me too.
I guess I was grandmother aged by the time I was pregnant, live my life :pinch: was done doing the fun stuff anyways. I wouldn’t know your pain :laugh:


Hey, I’m a cool Dad, I’ll have you know.:cool:

Seriously, I was driving the kids around listening to Sirius Satellite Radio, which has a “Kids Stuff” channel, and I heard an in-studio acoustic version of a song I’m always subjected to on Playhouse Disney, and I found myself thinking “hey, that’s cool”.

I then proceeded to spend some quality time with my Warren Zevon catalog on the Ipod and wait for my chest hair to grow in.:blush:


Oops, I am sorry about the gender confusion. Happens to me all the time.:laugh:
And this is my comment for the rest of your story :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Well - add me to the list…I missed the entire decade of the 80s when I had kids. The only music we listened to was Fred Penner and Rafi…although I still know all the words to Baby Beluga.


I was going to say the same thing ,but I do know what he’s talking about as I read everything I can about WDW. I just know I don’t have to go to it…lol


They are talking about groups appearing from Playhouse Disney. ( The Doodle Bops and More.) The sad part is that it is not even for Teenyboppers, but for the Pre-school set.:laugh:

I feel the same way… We will be missing Choo Choo Soul by a week or so and all the other Big names. :pinch:


who is Dan Zanes and friends??? I am so lost…


His music videos appear during Playhouse Disney, and apparently he has quite a following. The songs are actually quite catchy. (in fact, it’s a great racket: he’s updated older folk-type songs that I’m sure he’s not paying any royalties on, and arranged them as kids’ songs).


I’d want to see the Imagination Movers! I know Ty would love it, but at least we would enjoy that too. But oh well, no WDW for us anyway.


Its not pathetic. I can’t believe we are missing ‘The Doodlebops’. We were originally travelling in Sept/Oct (we are coming from Australia) and then we changed our dates to December. I see that the Doodlebops are performing in Orlando on the 29th but we leave on the 26th, so we miss them again. We are actually considering flying to Atlanta just to see them during our trip in mid December.


I :wub: Dan Zane. He is really good!

Oh, and Llama, we are big Raffi fans here. Who built the ark? Noah, Noah…


at least you wont be plagued by the doodlebops like I am!


Did you get those Springsteen tickets so many years ago?


WE LOVE Dan Zanes in our house! I totally feel your pain (not a big fan of Ralph’s World either…but my 3 year old LOVES "…and I’m gonna swim, swim, swim, a swim, swim, a swim, swim, swim, swim…how many swims can you put in one song?).

To sum it up Dan Zanes is a great musician who plays “kids” music that is tolerable for parents. It really isn’t bad to listen to (this IS coming form a gal who hasn’t listened to adult music in YEARS…three years to be exact).


Oh, come on! “Lemonade… in the shade… everyone loves lemonaaaaaade… la la la la la la la la la la la…”

Heehee. We only had one Ralph’s World CD and I always liked it a lot, but DS preferred Raffi.