Is it possible to walk from MK to WL?


I never heard of it, but my DH says he saw a path heading in that direction.


I honestly don’t think there is an official walkway over to Wilderness Lodge. You’d have to cross under that waterbridge by the Contemporary which might be scary. The only other thing I could think of would be taking the monorail to the T&TC and walking from there. OR, or if you left the MK gates and walked through that “brick” path that takes you towards the GF beach you could walk through the GF Beach, to the Poly Beach, PAST the T&TC, and then onto Wilderness Lodge.

I’d just take the boat honestly. haha

There are some beautiful walking trails in Fort Wilderness if you want to get a good walk in.


The only place you can walk to from WL is Fort Wilderness.


ummm, I need a GPS to keep track of all that. Boat sounds real good.:laugh:

We are planning to stay there next yr and it’s just one of those “I’ve never been, now I have a million questions” type thing.


I agree, there is a nice walking trail from FW to WL. You could take the boat over to FW from MK and then take the walking trail. It is a nice walk, we did it on our last trip.


I don;t think you can do it. But it would be so great if you could… thorugh all those spooky swampy areas and all that? FUN!


Hey wait a minute… I bet you could do it if you walked around the far side of the Seven Seas Lagoon… past GF, the Wedding Pavilion, the Poly, the TTC and along the water past the old River Country.

Can someone tell me if this is possible? Now I am intrigued!


Nope that is not possible. There is a canal you would have cross to get from the the MK to the GF. It is where they store the Electrical Water Parade. It also connect the seven seas lagoon to the Rivers of America


You could walk to the contemporary and take the boat back to WL.


Over the river and through the woods to… :blink:


I would say it isn’t possible. You would be walking in a lot of areas that don’t have sidewalks so it would be pretty tough to do.


I walked on water once… it was a long time ago, I was lost coming home from a wedding. I took home made wine I made from water and got a little light headed.


I don’t think you can walk all of it, the water keeps getting in the way . You could take a boat from MK to FW and then walk on the trail to WL. OR walk from MK to the comtemporary and then take a boat to WL. I would vote for the first option only because the walk from FW to WL is a nice one.


I vote forget the whole thing and stay at a different resort.:laugh: :laugh:

Thanks for all the help everyone.


technically yes you can, I wouldn’t make a family outing out of it though. There are many runners and athletes that make a round on world drive early in the morning like 6am. and there is a sidewalk that goes under the bridge, the road is a shared one with bikers. But if you’re staying at WL the path between WL and Ft Wilderness is so pretty it’s worth taking, there’s a bike path and jogging path closer to the beach. It’s about a mile each direction. And if you’re a little tired at the end, there’s a bus and a boat that go back to the WL. There’s another trail off the three hundred loop as well and that allows dogs. If you ask at the concierge (sp??) windows next to the hoop de doo review, they can give you a map that shows it all to you.


The only resort you can safely walk to MK from is the Contemporary. Even the Grand Floridian doesn’t have a walkway that reaches MK. Not until the build a bridge over the canal that they stage the water parade barges out of. I would not even consider walking World drive and using the underpass as it’s NOT pedestrian friendly.

Not possible, as I wrote above, there is no continuous walkway from MK to GF. Sadly not until they build a drawbridge over that canal.


I am fascinated by this… thanks Sandra! I wonder if our ddoll has done this track on one of her outings!


When we were there just in September we took the boat over. I honestly did not see a path but they might have one. Everything is so woodsy you can miss it.


There are some walks that you could do that wouldn’t really be allowed. Like you COULD walk from the AK to the AKL, but someone would stop you. :slight_smile:

The problem is there are no sidewalks. You can easily walk to the CR, and with sidewalks it wouldn’t be a bad walk to the WL. But since they aren’t there, it wouldn’t be something encouraged (and you might get stopped). I know of someone who was jogging on the road outside the AKL and got asked to go back to the resort.



There is no official walking path from the WL to the MK…it’s not suggested that you even attempt that walk with the traffic. Take the boat…much FASTER.