Is it really that good?


I just saw a thing on food network about amusement park eats. they went to the brown derby in hollywood studios and they raved about the grape fruit cake. Now tell me mousebuzz fam out there, has anyone tried it and is it really that good. im a dessert person and look at the dessert menu before the entree’s. cant wait if its really yumm-o!


I’ve never had BD’s grapefruit cake, but I have a cousin who worked at BD and she did NOT like it. She loved everything else, especially the Cobb Salad.


The grapefruit cake is good - I don’t think I’d RAVE about it - but it was very tasty.


I agree with Llama…it was tasty but I didn’t think it was yummo. We had it when we did the Lunch with an Imagineer and from all the build up, I was expecting a cake that was something different with a huge wow factor. So I was kinda disappointed.


I had the creme brulee, which was just OK, but nothing special.
I’d go with the cheesecake.


I enjoyed the Grapefruit cake–a little sweet, a little tart. Isn’t that a good thing? LOL


I do exactly the same! A dining location has been decided from time to time purely on whats on offer for dessert!


from time to time, that is pretty much how I pick dining. My fav is the bread pudding from O’hana’s!


I had it about 5 years ago and I was shocked it was great. I would get it again in a heart beat.


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