Is it really worth doing the desert buffet for Fantasmic?


I am still trying to decide if we should do the desert buffet for Fantasmic just to get the stadium seating…is it really worth it? Looking for comments from anyone who has recently done this. :tongue:


Well, I have never done it before but I am going to DL in June and planning of trying to make reservations for it. The one piece of advice I’ve been given on it is to be SURE to call exactly 30 days before you want it and to call RIGHT before lines open b/c it sells out FAST!!!

I think it’s gonna be a BLAST! I can’t wait!


Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s Wonderful To Sit In The Gallery Balancy.


Just booked it for April 14, 1030pm show. I really hope it is worth the $167!!!


YES, PLEASE report back b/c I am DYING to know what I am getting myself into here. hehe!! It sounds fabulous, I hope I can get the dates I want! Well ENJOY, and please come back and let us know how it was!


Is that for four people or for only one?

I remember wanting to do this, but couldn’t afford it, but that was ten years ago when it was $40 or so per person…


I believe the adult price is about $50pp. That total sounds like it MIGHT be two adults and one or two children.


2 Adults & 1 Child


Holy cow! That’s kind of a lot. I have thought about doing it but with 7 people, I don’t think so! I’m sure it’s wonderful though.


I did it once and enjoyed it. I still like being down right on the Rivers of America and right in the show but the dessert buffet is really cool and fun. :smile:


Never mind. I just realized this is DL. Sorry for jumping in here.


is there any links that tell more about it? I am very intersted in doing this as a surprise for my husband…I would be me, my husband and our two year old son, would there be a charge for him also? I am not sure if it would be 100.00 or 150.00. I would like to have a little more info before making such an investment also what nights do they do it?


oh is this for disneyland???


do they offer anything compareable to disneyworld?


We have done it @ both parks. VERY much worth it!!!


Everyone I personally know that has done it has raved about it… Dessert and Fantasmic, what’s not to love? :happy:

I have held off on this because I have too many kids and it would cost too much, so when they are a little older me and my wifey are sooooo doing the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet! :biggrin:


It’s Only Done At Disneyland. Disney World Offers The Dining Package Dinner And Perferred Seats. The Dessert Is Offered In The Gallery At Disneyland Then You Go Out On The Balcony To Watch. My Dh And I Went A Few Years Back And Just Loved It. But That Was Before The One At Disneyworld. Enjoy!