Is it really worth going?


I need to know if Whispering canyon is really worth going with the kids and is the food good enough. I say that because I think some of you have said it was good and some said it was not. Opinions please!!!


I think it’s worth going, it’s so different from most restaurants you go to at home and that alone makes it worth it. We’ve been a couple of times while we were staying at WL and enjoyed it but I didn’t love it. I thought the food was good just not great.


I really liked Whispering Canyon. The food was very good and the environment is fun. This is not a quiet dinner, instead it is rowdy and fun. Also, if you are not staying or have never stayed at Wilderness Lodge it is a great excuse to see a beautiful resort.

p.s. Try the cheesecake it is great!


The last time we went, it was quite entertaining. Our waiter did quite a job of rustling up our grub! The kids raced ponies… and there is always plenty of ketchup! I was not a fan however of the skillet. I would order something different next time.


The kids will love WC!!! The waiters/waitresses really do a great job and are hilarious! And I agree if you are not staying at the resort definitely go and eat there just as an exscuse to see an awesome resort…definitely go check out the pool its really neat looking.


I was talked out of WC on our last trip and it has been nagging me since. Next trip I will definitly try it out. I say go for it!


We are looking forward to our first WC on our upcoming trip.


I think you guys are talking me into it. I am taking 3 children ages 13,7,5 what kind of things do they do. Warnings please!


Just a lot of silly stuff like throwing the straws down, bringing a super large drink if you drink yours too fast, stick pony races, our server made headband type things for all of us to wear. Make sure someone asks for ketchup (and that’s all I’m gonna tell you:ph34r: )


I really dont want to spoil everything for you…but one of the things the waiters do is make something out of your napkin and make you wear it.


I totally think it’s worth going! I’ve been a few times and have really enjoyed it every time. The “show” is always different and the CM’s really get in to it! It’s not my fave food but that’s because I’m just not a fan of that type of fare. I’m more of a seafood or Italian person. We had baked beans, lamb (which was actually very good), potatos, corn, etc. It’s family style on a lazy suzan and also all you can eat. You just ask for more of whatever you enjoyed. I’d recommend going at least once! It’s a fun time!


That is all I am going to get. Ahhh, come on guys. Give me more.


WC is such a fun place for a meal! We went for a return visit in March with my 12, 9, & 5 year old, and it was just as fun as the visit 2 years before. The food was really good, and the service was entertaining. Being the southerners that we are, we got our sweet tea fix! :slight_smile:


It can be a very fun atmosphere. There are definitely better places to eat, food wise, but the entertainment factor makes it a must do.

Talk on your cell phone while you are there, the wait staff just loves that.:wink:


We chose Artist Point instead of WC, and the food was delicious, but we were BORED!!! Adn when we left the restaurant, we walked past WC, and all the families were laughing and having a great time, and we knew that fo rour family, WC would have been a much better choice.


It was OK, but I would order off the menu next time and not get the skillet. There are ribs all over Disney, but here we had the worst ribs on our trip. The games were amusing to the kids, and the Lincoln log table was a great way to keep the kids busy while we waited to be seated.


If your kids color at the table, break your red crayon and ask for another. Also ask for ketchup!!!

As for the food, the PORK CHOPS are wonderful!!! The skillet is ok but I would order off the menu too!!!


Now I must call to make reservations. Sounds like a blast. Wish me luck. I’ll let you know if I got them.


You will enjoy it. Make sure you really get into it and ham it up. Our server last time was great-and we just played along with her.
I enjoyed the skillet-I seem to be the minority on here, though. The cornbread was really good!


no reservations. Looks like we missed it this time. Thats a bummer. I was really looking foward to it. I will keep calling back.