Is it really worth it?


Hey Mousebuzzers!
I feel like I haven’t posted here in soo long!! I miss you guys, anyway… some of you may remember how excited I was for our 2010 trip, right? Sadly it’s been postponed to next year, 2011. Due to family issues, it’s all good though. Basicly it’s going to be a Mommy&Son trip, just the two of us. We have made some basic plans and have a few ideas of what we want, we have hand selected 3 resorts of our choices at different levels of affordaility. We’re saving like maniacs right now. So come this time next year we can see how much money we have to spend and choose the resort of our choice. We’re planning on visiting early October of next year, the three resorts we are intrested in and agreed on are as followed (in order).

-The Polynesian
-Wilderness Lodge
-Carribean Beach

My question is, do you guys feel stretching that bit further for the Poly is worth it? We are going to be visiting for two weeks and we want a lovely resort as our base. The Poly seems a bit more expensive than the others, is it totaly worth every penny?

And also is it far too early to be planning this trip:blush:? Thanks alot guys!


*EDIT, sorry for the poor grammar and layout of this guys, I wrote it out in a notepad document first… bad idea!


HI SM, I’ve missed you round here!!!-ooh excited about your trip, sounds fab- I love all your choices but I have to agree with you about the Poly it does seem very nice. The thing is, you’ll be at ‘the World’ your resort is just your base, so, all those places are great, and think of all the extra dosh you’d have to spend on souvenirs/malls etc if you went for a not so posh one??

Do we need to know who the (very pretty) young lady is in your photo??? or shall I mind my own??? lovely to see you, love Karen xx


Welcome back, I’m happy to hear you have another trip to pan. I would set my goal for WL and see where I stand in a year when it comes time to book the resort. If you’ve saved a lot and want to stay at the Poly then book it, if money is a bit tight then book CBR. WL is a great choice, it’s a deluxe but not as expensive as the other deluxe resorts. Of your three choices it would be my pick.


Scottish.Mickey, I’ve missed you!

The Poly would be my number one pick, as well. The greatest thing about the Poly (well, IMO) is the monorail access. Staying at a monorail resort makes transportation to MK and Epcot so much easier. The resort itself is lovely, and a favorite of many MBers.

Now, if you do decide to go with the Poly, I’d recommend that you book well in advance. The biggest problem we’ve had with trying to book the Poly is that it’s a popular resort, and the standard view rooms sell out quickly, leaving expensive $550/night MK view rooms available. You didn’t mention GF, but on many occasions, it is actually much less expensive than the Poly. We have found many great last-minute deals for the GF.

We just came back from a stay at the Wilderness Lodge, and it is a wonderful resort. However, we said that we would only want to stay there in the winter because it feels like a ski lodge. Idk if that would be a factor for you. The boat transportation to MK was very nice and quick, but my first choice would have been the monorail. WLR typically has great rates - some of the best for deluxe resorts. You totally get the bang for your buck here.

Now, while I’m thinking of that… consider renting points!!! There are a few MBers who rent points out, and there are many options on the DVC Rent/Trade Board on DISboards (DVC-Rent/Trade - The DIS Discussion Forums - You can find points charts for 2010 (2011 will be up soon!) at - The essential Vacation Club resource! - Home. This makes many resort hotels (such as Bay Lake Tower with monorail access and the lovely Boardwalk resorts, plus Villas at WLR) much more affordable.

CBR… haven’t stayed there, so I don’t have much to say about that, but the pirate rooms look really cool. Maybe if you decide that you don’t want to spend the money for a deluxe resort, you can spend a little extra at CBR and get a pirate room.

Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll have a blast. Mother-Son trip is gonna be so much fun! I’m already anticipating your TR!!!


Thanks a bunch for the advice guys! I’ve fowarded it all to my mum, direct to her Email. I’ll have a chat tommorow and see what she thinks.


Do we need to know who the (very pretty) young lady is in your photo??? or shall I mind my own??? lovely to see you, love Karen xx[/QUOTE]

That’s Katie, my best friend. I love her soo much:happy:!
I’m soo glad to be back, hopefully I’ll try visit as much as possible xx


If money is an option, I suggest going with the moderate choice and stay at CBR. you will have more money for other things and could possibly stay longer. I wouldn’t do WL or Poly.


It’s never too soon to plan a trip to WDW:laugh: But seriously the earlier you plan the better prepared you are and have more time to save.


WL, Poly, CBR in that order. But no matter what you decide you will have a blast.
Have you thought about splitting your stay. Say start @ CBR and then go to say WL? That could work out to 6 days each, save a few pounds for other Disney stuff, and enjoy 2 resorts.


Hey Pam&Rich!
I suggested that to my mum a while ago but she didn’t like the idea. She likes to feel like she’s settled in and at home when she’s in a resort, doesn’t like the idea taht she has to move to another resort in a couple of days. Which I understand.


Well, I don’t know, if I we’re staying in WDW for a nice long 2 weeks & had come from overseas to do it I probably would prefer NOT to stay at Caribbean Beach. This is just purely my preference but the moderate resorts are so disconnected with the buildings all over the place & different sections. I like to feel more connected to my resort & have a big lodge or building.

In the situation that you explained I probably wouldn’t go ALL out and pay for the Polynesian either, unless I absolutely could afford it along with plenty of food & spending money to boot.

If it we’re me I’d choose the Wilderness Lodge cause a lot of the rooms can be significantly cheaper than the Poly, you still have the boats to MK and buses, you’re close to everything, & the WL is absolutely gorgeous. I think it’s a good compromise between the two.


PS: for that length of time & your desire to try a deluxe resort you may want to talk to your mom about renting a DVC villa. You’ll get the awesomeness & comforts of a deluxe resort & save a lot of $! You’ll even have a kitchenette, or full kitchen in some rooms, to possibly save some money on food.


Don’t forget the new Bay Lake Tower connecting with the CR has the amenities of the Poly but maybe a great view if you request a high floor!!


Renting a studio or a 1 bedroom DVC villa would be a good option for you. One bedroom is little more but gives mom bedroom, you on sofa bed in the living room, kitchen and a nice size bath.

DVC has locations at Old Key West, Animal Kingdom, Bay Lake, Broadwalk, Beach Club, Saratoga Springs and Wilderness Lodge.

Renting points is a great way to stay deluxe at a budget price. Email me your dates and I’ll give you an idea of how many points you are looking at so you can price it out.

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Hey guys!
I looked into renting points for a Deluxe DVC studio, it turned out to be a great deal. The only problem is it isn’t me who’s paying for and organising the trip. I tried to explain the DVC renting system to my mummy but alot of areas still seemed vague and didn’t link up for us. Could someone please basicly explain the renting system? I think my mums just worried about trusting the renter then arriving at Disney with no where to stay…
Thanks alot guys! Your really helping us, don’t know what we’d do without you all xx


It took me quite a while to research and then explain renting points to my DH but once we really did the research we got a great deal. We are staying 12 nights at OKW for less than the original plan of 5 nights at the BCV.

It’s totally worth the time and effort.



Go under the DVC forum section here at MB. There is a very detailed and easy to read rental document from DVC Mike posted as a “sticky”. If you have any other ??? just ask. By now you know you will always get an honest answer. It’s what I love about MB.


Also SM-

Renting from long-time members here will give you piece of mind! You are going to have a great trip!


My mum read over the thread and is still un easy about our vacation in the hands of someone she doesn’t know. She said the idea of DVC sounds great though! I’ll bring it upto her again after a while.


I totally understand that, if I had never been part of the system here I might feel the same way. Maybe your Mom can contact one of the renters here directly? I know Rlcarmichael has rented to MANY MANY people over the years and I am sure he, or whomever wants to rent you points, would be willing to make your Mom feel comfortable. I think they can even send her a copy of the reservation paper, etc.