Is it to soon?


To start making my day by day park plans? I am having such PDD and with all these people planning, I want to too. I have done this about 6months out, but never this far in advance… Does anyone else start planning what ADR’s and parks this early? I am fighting the urge to go to staples and start my latest WDW planning book…complete with coordinating pockets and envelopes for each day of my trip.

I know I am having PDD because the last time I went into the disney store (saturday) I actually welled up when I heard the sleeping beauty song…to plan or not to plan guys?


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No it is never to early. You should sketch out a plan from a top level (arrive today at ---- First day go to park ---- second day go to park —). Then take time a imagine day one park…close your eyes and enter the park what do you see and do. Write it down like a journal entry. Then use that as a guide to for planing that day.

It is never to early Dana…you should know that by now :wink:

(by the way I get all teary when I watch illumnations…I don’t know why I just do so sue me)


Definitely start planning Dana. Make your day to day plans keeping in mind the time of year you’ll be there. Nothing major is going to change within the next 285 days that you can’t start a real good basic plan.

As far as your ADR’s- even though it’s too early to make them, still plan them. Then use that handy ADR calculator I linked yesterday to remind you exactly when you can make them.

The fact that so many others are planning will only increase your excitement. Use their plans and TR’s to psyche you up.

Get that book started and get ready to make changes along the way. It’ll even make the time go by faster, and with all that advance planning, your trip will be so awesome, it’ll be impossible to be unprepared.


Yes, I am going to start a rough sketch. I know it’s never to early…I just wanted someone else to confirm that…lol I just woke up with the WDW bug and can’t seem to help it today. I just want to start my latest planning book and drive DBF insane with little details. I talk about it in one way or another every time I see him and he keeps saying “isn’t it 10 months away?” LOLOL Thanks guys…one sketch plan coming up!


It’s your fault you know. you posted that threadto boss mouse and I haven’t been able to control the ADr plans urge…next I’ll start a packing list…lololol Thanks ingamba. You are the one who got me in this mood with your thread and your single digit dancing. I woke up WDW happy and seeing all these threads has me WDW planning happy. :heart:


I think I had everything right down to meals planned 11 months in advance. Some people just don’t get it!


No way! Um, I have made day by day park plans for a trip I haven’t even booked before so, being the obsessive goober I am, I’d say it is never to early to plan!


I think we should all have 3,4,5, and 14 day plan ready just in case a trip gets sprung on us :slight_smile:


That’s the ticket. We can call them emergency WDW trip plans…lol

thanks all for confirming that I am not the only one who plans this early. I am going to take a DC break right now and go curl up on the couch with a leagal pad… I’m sure I will bore you all with sketch plans later on today…lol


Can not wait to be bored by your plan Dana :slight_smile:


The best thing about planning early? Inevitably, you’ll get to scrap it all and start over again. Do that every month, and it will help PDD.



I think that you should plan. Not only that but do plan A, B, and C. Do a plan where you focus on you, do a plan where you focus on the kids, do a plan where you focus on DBF. Make that also plan D where you combine them all. There are endless pretend plans you can do in addition to your real one!


I just cannot believe you are asking this question…! It is NEVER too early to plan! However, if you were asking if it was too early to start packing, well…I would have to say yes! I think if you look in the Disney Fanatic Handbook you would see that you are LATE in starting to plan your trip in the fall. LOL!!! Plan On, Woman!!!


Hmmm…too early??? Too early??? TOO EARLY!!! Are you crazy woman? Plan away!


Peppy–do you think we validated her enough??? :tongue:


I don’t think it can ever be too early to plan either Dana. I haven’t started thinking about ANYTHING yet really for either trip coming this summer. I really should jump into the DL one but it’s harder b/c you can’t make ANY dining there before 30 days out, as far as I know.

I think it’s great that you are so organized and what could it really hurt getting to Staples and starting that book!! If anything it will just get you MORE excited and MORE prepared.


Hmmm…I dunno…maybe we should keep telling her :tongue:


ok I know…lolol I have a scketch plan if you are all interested. It’s very mcuh open to change and suggestions from the rest of the group, but this is how I see it going.

Day one -
get into orlando and at OKW by 11am (assuming I don’t get crappy flight times)
meet up with DBF and the boys who are driving at resort
get settled and get grocery delivery
Take who ever is up to it to MGM to start off the trip with RnR and TOT!
Hang out for a bit and grab lunch at MGM.
Back to OKW by around 4pm to get showered and dressed
O’hanna for dinner with the entire group

Day two -
DBf taking the kids to the water park
me staying at the resort and having some serious “me” time
Meet back up with guys and gals later on
Let kids chill at the pool while me and DBf hang out
shower and dressed and go to Epcot for F&W fesitval and fun

Day three -
Up early and grab breakfast.
take girls over to MK for a tour or die run through MK
Have lunch where ever they want in MK
Back to resort soon after to meet up with guys.
Rest at pool or room
dinner in the villa
DTD or where ever the group wants to go

Day four -
breakfast in room
Up early and go to AK with everyone
Hang for the day
Back to resort when everyone has had enough
pool/room break
Kids to DQ and me and DBF to PI for a few hours.
pick kids back up and head back to resort.

day five -
check out of villa and into the studio
Take the guys where ever they want to go
See the guys off soon after lunch
CP for dinner with the girls
Me and the girls to MK for MNSSHP if they have it that night
Party at the MK

day 6 -
up late after late night at MK
go to whichever park the girls want to do over
dinner at Chef mickey’s

day 7 -
MGM do or die day
Momma’s fantasmiC dinner at momma’s
back to resort to pack

day 8 -
1900 park fare for an early breakfast
go to whichever park the girls want…epcot probally
hang till flight time

rough sketch indeed. I won’t be planning any meals for when the guys are there except for o’hanna for the first night dinner. the kids are more or less going to be running loose and me and DBF will just make meals at the villa and not pressure anyone into designated times to eat. I am scheduled to do the dining plan for when the guys go, so me and the girls are going to do the character meals then. This all depends on park times and the wants and needs of the group, but it looks ok to me. I don’t know if I am going to like having to cook on vacation,but I can always buy simple things that just need to be heated up right?


Looks good, and I am sure you will be tweaking it over the next couple of months!! LOL!!