Is it true that MVMCP is only on till Dec. 19?


Just checking. That’s the info that I have from allears. Is this right?


From the mouse’s mouth:

“Select nights November 10 – December 19, 2008!”


So sad, we won’t get there until December 20th…I can’t believe we’re so close yet we’ll still miss it.


You wont need to go to the MVCP because its the same activities/happenings/parade and fireworks that they do at Christmas I believe.


But I think the crowds will be heavier than at the party. Oh well, we’ll make the best of it!! We went a couple of years ago to the party and loved it, just wanted to do it again. Oh well, we’ll be at WDW for Christmas…can’t get much better than that!


Really? I always thought party parades and fireworks were special.


I think it’s a combination of the large crowds causing the parks to stay open later. We had the same problem when we at Christmas a few years ago…it stopped the day before. But it still snowed on Main Street and the parade was Christmas themed.


On the contrary! Starting Saturday the 20th-January 1st, you can see ALL of the Christmas Party activities in the day time! DDCT Parade will become Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas Parade, Twas the Night…will be played all day long, Celebrate the Season will play the Castle Show at night, and Holiday Wishes instead of regular Wishes will be the amazing fireworks everynight!


Yippee!! I can’t wait . . . we arrive on the 20th! I did notice they cut back on some park hours? I did my calendar with times a month ago . . . and when I checked last night, there were a few nights the times were off by an hour?


That’s awesome news! Thanks Rowdy!! Oh, one more thing, DMom(Trailblazer) was wondering if there is a way to find out in advanced (before our trip) the time that the Santa’s will be in all the countries at EPCoT so we can lay out our plan of action for our EPCoT day. Do you know of anywhere I could look to find out that info?


Oh that’s wonderful!! :happy:


Can always call Guest Relations at Epcot to find out the times each country’s storyteller is performing.


Glad to hear it!!! It’s cool that everything will still be going on.


We’re going on the 14th, the night after Caveyfest.