Is it true?


Please help! I’m freaking out, we are going to DL in early October (10/01-10/08) and I just call DL and to check and see when the hours of operation will be avail. for those dates, and they told me that the 50th celebration is ending at the end of September… Does anyone know? I thought it was going to run until the beginning of November…AHHH…if anyone could help me…I would appreciate it!!!


Yes The 50th is planned to end around October 3rd, or so I was told, so yea pretty much the end of September. (take a look at my signature and youll see the 50th dates)


They are planning on taking down the decorations after October 3rd, but from what I’ve read the fireworks and parade will still be running. Until when I’m unsure…


I’ll take October 3rd, we’ll be there by then, but if they finish at the end of september…We’ll miss it… we planned to stay an extra weekend just to watch the fireworks and parade since those won’t be running during the week because of the parks hours…Awww man I thought it was suppose to run until early November…what happened?


Thank Anaheim Boy and Twist1980…it’s just such a bummer, I thought we were going to be there in lots of time to enjoy the 50th still yet… I hope they decide to prolong it…ya, well I don’t think we’ll be that lucky! But hey, at least we’ll be able to still have fun at Disneyland!


I would not fret over missing the 50th anniv. if you must miss it. I have been to the 25th anniv., 100th birthday and 50th anniv. and they only add a few drapes of color to the castle, change the banners on the poles, and change a few parades. That is all you will really miss. These “special celebrations” seem to be more of a marketing gimmick or ticket sales stratagem than anything. The real magic is in the things that are always there.


Would you be able to backset your vacation dates by a few weeks? Im sure its probably not possible but it was worth asking.


That is very true but its still always fun being able to go during the 50th Anniversary and being able to say that “you were there for the 50th”, ya know what I mean right? :wink: :tongue: lol


I was there to see the castle made up to look like a birthday cake! Oh boy! LOL :wink:


Hey I think we had a thread a while back about the birthday cake and the consensus was yuk.

But this castle is really cool. They’re not going to change it back are they?


They will take off the decor after the 50th is over (the crowns, tapestries, etc) but Im not sure what they plan to do with the colors and such. I will be a bit sad to see all of the decor leave the castle but its time will come and it was fabulous while it lasted/is lasting! :smile:


Unfortunately…I just bought our airfare tickets!!! If I had only called a day earlier…that’s what actually made me call, was buying the tickets… I guess I should still look at the bright side of just being at Disneyland! :cool:


That is very true. Im sure you’ll still have a great time. And from what I hear Remember…Dreams Come True and Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams will be running even after the 50th ends, so you should still be able to see those! :smile:


As long as they’re still showing the 50th fireworks, you’re really not going to miss anything!


Don’t sweat it! You’ll have a great time. Remember, most of Disney’s celebrations are simply market hype to get you there. Other than the castle decorations, everything will still be what you expect. Go and have fun! :cool:


Well they wont get to see any of the real decorations and the castle overlay (possibly) but if they get to see Remember…Dreams Come True and Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams then its all good, those are the big things of the celebration (and the castle, lol). :smile:


Ya, Thanks everyone… I’m slowly getting past not having all the 50th stuff up while we are there… but looking at the brighter side of just going to be there!


Thats the way to be, good for you! :smile:


I have to keep saying it…eventually I will believe it!


That’s the truth. You’re not going to miss much. The REAL magic will be in the stuff that is always there, and there is “mucho much” of that magic for you to enjoy! You are going to have a BLAST! YEAH!