Is it worth another night?


We are scheduled to be at Coronado Springs Dec 16-23rd. It is actually cheaper for us to fly back on the 24th (christmas eve) instead of the 23rd unless we fly out of Orlando at 6 am :frown: on 12/23. About $120 min. It would cost us about $190 to stay until 12/24 (with dining). If we did stay one more night, the 23rd would not be a park day. We would prob. spend time at the resort, eat somewhere, and basically take it easy.

Is it worth the extra $80 - $100 to stay and not go to the parks? We have never had a resort only day before!


Sure! Of course! But remember, I am a mildly obsessed Disney fan.You could go to Downtown Disney.


I really believe a day outside the park can be just as much fun. Hanging at the pool, shopping, DD browsing, trying new places to eat, exploring the Boardwalk…all can be great, relaxing, and fun all at the same time.


I am someone that will always say and extra day is worth it… no matter what the cost and you could do so much more then just spend the day at your resort… you could visit the other resorts to decide where you want to stay next time :slight_smile: in fact I recommend a visit to AKL just to see the animals!!


I highly recommend it. We plan resort days into our Disney trip and since you will be there during the holidays, you can spend that last day looking at all the Christmas decorations at some of the resorts. We will be there the same time you will and we are planning a day to go around and look at all the Christmas decorations and go to DTD. I can’t wait to see the Victorian Gingerbread house in GF. I’ll bet it’s fantastic.


We LOVE “rest” days at WDW.

Sleep in. Have brunch at a character breakfast. Tour the resorts for the Christmas decorations. Ride the monorail over and over. Play mini-golf.

AND you won’t have to battle the HUGE crowds in the parks that last day.

Go for it!


Another vote for a resort day. We always take a break from the parks. Lounging, shopping, whatever - you could even fit in a round of miniature golf at Fantasia or Winter/Summerland (very appropriate for Christmas). BTW - the Christmas decorations are going up right now!



Enjoy the extra day at the resort! Use the extra day to explore the entire resort, and visit the areas that you might have been unable to get to due to busy park days!! :happy:


I think you’ll find the rest day well worth it.
I say go for it and enjoy!


Add the extra day. We did the same. Were saving money on our flights. That would also be a special treat to get home on Christmas Eve, just before Santa gets there.


Well, we committed to the extra night!! Thanks everyone. This will be our longest trip ever. We have always been sort of gung ho in the parks. This Sept. on our Anniv. trip was the first time we really took everything slowly (An 18 month old did play a part in that.) We have had DTD/Minature golf days, but I love the idea of just going to the resorts. I did not even think about going to see the decorations!! Great idea.


Good for you! I was too late to vote, but I was going for the resort day as well, my kids love doing that!


I was gonna vote for a resort day too! I am sure you will love visiting all of the resorts and checking out the decorations! Have fun!

Lisa :mickey:


I had to giggle when I read the title of this thread! :tongue:

The answer to the title question is always, 100% YES!!! I didn’t even need to read the rest of the information (although I did!), and take it from a pale and pasty old lady sitting up here in the great white north, tapping away at her computer because it has been about a billion years since she has been to WDW, the answer is YES!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


I missed the voting too but always take an extra day at WDW! :mickey:


I have to agree…who wants to spend the extra money on a flight when you could spend it at WDW!


It’s always worth another night.


You can start recovering from the vacation while you are still on it! :wink:

I think it is well worth it!


I’m too late to vote, but I agree with everyone! And, if you do decide to look at the other resorts, check with some of them. During Christmas many of them have special entertainment and they can let you know what’s scheduled. Of course, just seeing them is incredible!! Have a great time.