Is it worth it?


I have been to Medieval Times years ago and I was thinking of taking the kids this go round since they have never been. My dilemma, should I rent a car for the night, take a taxi or the shuttle transportation services? Per mapquest it is only 16 mins from the resort. Suggestions? Also is the show still fun?


No sure on this one, but my guess is that after all meals and taxi is paid for, it will be a very expensive evening. I would not spend the time to rent a car if it were me.


True, it will be expensive, but I saw they have a 4 person discount if I use a code. I have done other things in Orlando area and the haven’t.
maybe this has to wait for a non disney florida trip. lol
I would love to do la nouba but that is a grip of cash that Im not ready to part with. LOL


I’ve never done Medival Times but mixing something new into a trip makes it more fun. I saw try whatever option is cheaper which may be the shuttle.


Which resort are you staying in? Some resorts are closer than others which may factor into the shuttle vs taxi thing. I definitely would not want the hassle of renting a car jus for that, unless you have other uses for it.


I think the car is the best option. In this case you will be able to drive wherever yuo want and visit all the places you wanted to see.


Unless you’re planning a day when you can use the car all day, I’d just opt for a taxi. Renting a car seems like a waste of time and money to me, just to drive there and back. It’s just a short taxi ride.


I’m not an impartial voter here, since we always have a car with us. We need to have the freedom to come and go as we wish.


My kids love Medievil Times for the show, not so much for the food…


I decided that a new experience would add to the fun. It will be a surprise for the kids. Have to price out the shuttle service.


Pop century.


Welcome to MB! I don’t plan on going anywhere else to visit this trip. now when we stay at dvc then I might go to the grocery store but nit this trip.


I’m leaning that way Llama. If I had somewhere else to go then I would rent.


Do you rent, or drive your own? just curious if you had a rental place down there that you recommend. Next year I plan on sea world & universal, will need a car then.


What did they not like about the food? one of my children is extremely picky.


I’ve gone to the one here in Illinois and the food was excellent. They served soup, hot homemade rolls, ribs and chicken with a couple of sides. Totally delicious. But, not sure if the same menu would be for out in Florida.


We rent. I go with whichever rental car company if offering the best deal.
Check for coupons and codes.