Is it worth the hassle to do one night in a deluxe to try it out?


If you have a value or moderate vacation, would you do 1 night at a deluxe during the vacation to try it out? You would get 2 full days in the pools and other perks. I’ve stayed at some deluxe but would love to try some others. Not sure if its worth the lost time of checking out and in again…Maybe 2 nights…


Maybe 2 nights…but for me…I don’t think it would be worth the check out check in etc etc for just 1 night…

I was looking into getting into the world late the first night and saving bucks by staying at a value then moving the next morning to POFQ…but then I decided the hassle is not worth the money saved…we would lose a whole morning transferring…

I have a friend who used to work at WDW about 15 years ago. She said the system then to transfer was just to go to the front desk and check out with your bags…and they do everything else from there…check you into the new one and take your bags…now I heard that you need to follow your bags to the “new” hotel and check in there…I may be wrong…

Just my thoughts…


I have done the transfer where you stay at the value for a night and then transfer to a moderate the next day. I think it is definitely worth it, because all of the hotels each have a different flavor. When we transfered, we went from value- Sports, to moderate (Riverside), and then lunch at the GF. Well, I definitely saw the huge difference on each based on other amenities, and service, but I loved each one of them for their differences too…

I would defintiely use the hotels to switch, we were using it on a non park day, otherwise I would worry about losing time.

Try it once!


We often switch resorts and don’t find it to be too much trouble at all. I’ve never experienced having to “follow” your luggage - unless that is very new. As of last October this wasn’t the case. Years ago you could leave your luggage in the room and it would be taken care of, but for the last several years you do have to wait until they come up and get it. I call first thing in the morning and we’ve never waited more than a half hour for it to be picked up. We go off to the parks and check in at our new resort at the end of the day. Our luggage has always been waiting for us.


…good to know its not as hard as it sounds…not sure what these people were talking about following their luggage then…


I dont know. I kind of think that it would be a tease. You stay one night in this gorgeous resort, only to go to a motel style resort for the remainder of your trip. Dont get me wrong. POP is one of my favorite places. But I just dont think I could tease myself like that lol


It’s worth it only if it’s at the end of your stay and you’re done with the parks, that way you can utilize the perks that come with at Deluxe.


I think they are all gorgeous for what they are. I am an interior designer and while I can see the amenity difference, I think that the grounds are all amazing. They are all different like having interior hallways, or open air hallways… But there is landscaping, or carpet to see… Nothing is halfway done anywhere. Rooms might be larger, and the beds larger, but I think that they are all great. I think if you are doing it for a pool, then no.

If you are doing to explore that hotel, and the overall ambience, then yes.

I say this because I am usually a hotel snob, and I have never stayed in a value until we stay in Sports this spring ( my son is a sports freak) . I was pleasantly surprised. It was themed as well as the others, but the room was smaller. Otherwise, we had just as much fun walking around there as we did at the GF later in the day.


If you spend one night at the Grand Floridian, I think it would be too much to try to see. GF is alot to take in for just one night. Two nights definately.
I might try AoA for one night, but thats not delux.


We’ve done split stays many times over the last 10 years and feel its an easy process. We call bell services, they come pick up our luggage then we go enjoy our day and check in to our new resort when we’re ready for a break. The luggage should be at your new resort by 3pm and bell services will bring it to you with a quick phone call.


Why not. It’s your vacation. But I would probabbly look at 2 nights if it was me.


We’ve thought of doing this during our vacation just to see how the other half live! Maybe next trip we’ll see how much a couple of nights at GF run to?


If you are going to do two nights or your very last night, then I think it’s worth it to try one out. Why not? You only live once. I wouldn’t start the vacation there however.


I was thinking maybe animal kingdom lodge. Do a night so we can watch the animals, hit the pools, dinner at boma perhaps. I dont know if id want to pay for seeing animals all week if im in the parks. Now CR or epcot resorts also have the proximity so the value in staying there all trip would be more apparrent.


I’m of a similar opinion.
Put it at the end, not the beginning.
Trade up, not down.

I’d also go with 2 nights, not one if I could.


Either way, you get to go to Disney! Have fun!