Is Jan a good time to go?


I am looking at booking a 3 night stay at Disney starting Jan. 2 or 3 for 3 nights and wanted to know if this time is a crazy busy time or will it have slowed down from the holidays by then?


I’ve been there twice during that time and the crowds have really thinned by then. You wouldn’t believe how many people leave on the 1st and 2nd! You should have a great time!


We went on the 4th once for a few days and had a great time. The crowds have really slowed down by that time and sometimes the Christmas stuff is still lingering so it still sort of feels like Christmas.


I agree with others, nice time to go, low crowd levels, a little cooler.


We went this year the second week of January and just loved it.


Can you wait and leave on the 3rd? That may be a huge difference in crowds. The do start to drop off after New year’s day, but why take the chance. I guess it would depend which day New Year’s is on this year and if I’m not mistaken it’s near the weekend…you may get some holiday stragglers.


I’ve been there a few times in January, but the earliest I’ve been is the 7th. Light crowds for the most part.


I think it really depends on when Christmas and the resulting Christmas breaks fall. We went in Jan. 2008 from Jan. 2-9 because we were off school until the 7th. (I think Christmas was on a Sun. or Mon., so schools didn’t get out until like the 23rd and then we were off until the 7th). Anyway, my point is, I think a lot of school districts had the same arrangement because it was packed that week. It did gradually drop off as the week went on, but I didn’t feel like it was emptying out until the last couple of days we were there (8th & 9th). This year I have a feeling a lot of schools go back on the 4th, so things should empty out a lot after the 3rd.


january is a great time to go. the crowds are small, the wait time is minimal for the rides and the weather is comfortable. bring a light jacket for the night time, or in case it rains while you’re there.


Is there really a bad time to go? I think any of us would go any time we could…LOL


I have been as early as January 4th and the place was empty. I only go in January now (around the marathon weekend). If not doing one of the races on marathon weekend try to stay away as there is a noticible increase in the crowds.