Is Liberty Tree Tavern getting Characters back?


I heard the character dinner was going to come back sometime but I have not heard or seen anything in a while. Got any news?


We just booked a Liberty Tree dinner for the first week in December. Cast member on the phone reminded us that it is “not” a character meal any more. So I guess they won’t be back this year.


You know, you really need a place in the Magic Kingdom to eat with the main Disney Characters.


Well put! Never have liked the Pooh characters.


Well I have nothing against Pooh & friends but definitely agree that there should be a few more choices in MK…it’s our favorite park but aside from CRT & CP what else is there? :blink:


I agree the characters at LTT put a nice touch to a good place to eat!


OMG! Blast from the past!!! Hello!!


I so hope they bring this one back. The food is so good there and throw in the charaters its just so much better.


I had to rub my eyes! I thought I was seeing things! Hiya Spidey!!:happy:


I wish they would bring them back, it is not the same without the characters :frowning:


We really liked the Character interaction at LTT and hope they do bring them back.


You know, it is really strange that there are no character meals with the Fab 5 at MK. I wonder why?!