Is Merida/Brave at Mk?


When we went to Mk in early 2011 there was a special place for the Rapunzel/Tangled Meet and Greet and it was more activity based. Has Merida replaced Rapunzel at the storytime based MnG? Or is she located somewhere else in the park?


Ummmm, Christina, Tangled came out in 2010 as far as I remember…

but I actually have no answer for you. I have no idea.


We saw Merida out and about in August, but I don’t remember seeing nor hearing about a special place for her alone…I wonder if she is near the UK in Epcot??


I was just in WDW this past July & Merida was doing meet & greets in the little courtyard next to the castle (where the old Storytime with Belle thing was). I am not sure if this is the same spot where you saw Rapunzel but this summer there was a whole Brave set up, including the bear cubs from the movie, archery set pieces, etc. It was definately more ‘activity based’ then just Merida strolling about doing M&Gs.


Christina: Found this on the Disney website…

Moms Panel | Walt Disney World Resort * We are arriving in WDW on Nov 3. That’s in 3 weeks! My daughters are wanting to meet Merida. Is she still in the fairytale garden at MK? Any tips on getting to see her? Sooooo excited! My daugters are 8 and 5 a



Fairytale garden thats it, thank you so much for your help. :mickey:


This was her location last week. Passed by a few times during the trip and saw her there.


My daughter will be so excited to see her. Thank you so much for confirming shes there. Hopefully the wait won’t be as long. I stood in line for two hours so she could see Rapunzel.


when we were at WDW in August this year, Merida was in the old Belle Storybook attraction just to the right of the castle. She was there on and off throughout the day and once you got into the courtyard area the kids could do some drawing and have a go at archery whilst they wait in line. Really good fun :happy:


we waited about 45 mins for her in June. that was BEFORE the movie came out though. My kids LOVED it!!!