Is my WORST NIGHTMARE getting WORSE at the Haunted Mansion?


A friend just passed this article to me about the Haunted Mansion b/c he knows how TERRIFIED i am of that “beating heart bride” in the attic part of the attraction. :noo: OK, if this article is TRUE it seems I will never be going on that attraction AGAIN :noo: :sad: :eek: :noo:

I am not sure I trust this information though, what do YOU think?


wow…I can’t trust that rumor to much because it would throw off the whole story from before i believe…so I dunno…


I thought the story behind the bride was her fiance died on their wedding day, and she threw herself out the window in grief?


I have heard one where she was locked in a trunk by Madame Leota…who was attracted to Gracy…and needed to kill Gracy’s bride to be…and that the body/wedding ring at least fell out of the horsedrawn hearse…


The movie version which is a little more complex…the whole “butler did it” thing…


Whatever she did or didn’t do it’s the SCARIEST thing in WDW and I think I’ve been “covering my eyes and plugging my ears” since I was 5 :eek:


That’s the story I’ve always heard.

So um… what exactly is so frightening about the bride? :huh:


I would also like to know…Mikie and I were just laughing at her the other day, when we were at WDW…

Wishy is so cute :wub:


I am sorry but I am TERRIFIED of that thing. I hate that loud beating sound and her flowing scary dress, i won’t even sit on the right side of the car b/c i don’t like to be close to it. It could have also escalated when i was engaged b/c the hotel we were married in was the oldest hotel on Palm Beach (Gulfstream Hotel) and it was supposedly haunted by the ghost of a bride who lost her life on her wedding night. I used to have nightmares about that CONSTANTLY. Sooo, the beating bride… yeah, no, can’t do it.


We got stuck in the attic right next to the bride…Yeah, that was a little scary. It took about 10-15 minutes to get the ride going again. I swear I could hear thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump the rest of the day! :pinch:


Here’s another spin that I read posted on the CM bulletin board @ the Mansion @ DL. The owner, a sea captain (Gracey), goes to sea & his ship is THOUGHT to be lost in a storm, hence the painting in the grand hall. His bride re-marries and upon his return, some time later, he goes insane & kills her with an axe & hangs himself (of course there’s always my way!!). If you look as you venture down the hallway (breathing doors) there is a painting of the crazed Captain holding an axe in one hand & a noose in the other. The story I read was more detailed than that, but that’s the jeist of it. It also told about the “story telling ravens” that were removed becaused it frightened the kids too much. Has anyone else heard this version?


hahaha! I love the part where they say Anna Nicole Smith will be the model for the new bride!


These changes are only set for Disneyland, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to WDW, yet at least. They probably will eventually if it’s successful in DL. I can’t wait until these changes are installed! It’s quite an awesome Plot twist, and I’m all for change. :cool: :glare:

So Wish Upon a star, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about any changes to what already scares you to death. :eek:


EEK! Wish! Yet again - you and I are alike :dry: the beating heart FREAKS me out also…
Any heart beat soudns freak me out in fact…those ride changes sound freaky, hope it’s a useless romour!


I thought it so too! I don’t know that I see that happening but who knows? Any of our CM’s know anything? :mickey:


Throwing yourself out of a window in grief is sure better for kids than murder. :pinch: I don’t care for that new line of story.


Wow - this all sounds a little too sinister for Disney! To be the happiest place on earth, this is a little too much for me!


I simply don’t believe that there will be any changes of that kind to HM. This jut doesn’t sound like Disney at all


I’ve always thought that bride was cool. I love the way her gown flows behind her in the wind…

These changes to sound a bit extreme for Disney though… Do y’all think they would go that freaky/scary? Plus, I agree, it doesn’t really go along with the old backstory we all know…

Wish… You crack me up… :laugh:


I really don’t think that Disney would do this either! It’s WAAAAAAAAY to scary for kids! Plus, I don’t think they would destroy tradition!


No, it’s happening. It’s already been approved in CA. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about it being to scary for children. The story line wont be that obvious unless you are looking for it. At least I hope.

Go to this link for the article about DL’s.

It’s about half way down the page and says “Here Comes The Bride”.