Is Planet Hollywood that popular?


Had been planning on a trip from 1/4 to 1/9. Tried to make reservations for Planet Hollywood last week on the 180 day mark. Even though it was not first thing in the morning every time they said the only reservation they had was around 5PM. Just decided to change dates and are planning 1/11 to 1/16. Called this morning around 8:30 as today is 180 days for 1/11 and again they said only res. is 5PM. I went last September and had no problem getting a reservation. Is it that popular?


I just tried to book this on line for 1/11 to see what would happen and for 4 guests they have stuff all day! Try booking on-line!

Hope this helps.



I just tried and from 4-8pm and they only had a 5:45 for 4 guests.


I know in July they are VERY busy with large parties booked. You guessed it, the Brazilians. They all go there and eat then buy alot of the merchandise.


Went there, ate there, never again. Others have had good experiences. We might have just hit it on a bad night, but I was not impressed with the food for the price. Counter service at WP or something from EoS would have been more paletable, and cheaper.


I haven’t been there but I have never really heard anything to great about the place. So I don’t think it’s one that I will ever try.


been there done that but wont go back again not worth the price for the food or service.


Yes, it’s packed at night. go for an early dinner or late lunch.


We go there almost eevery year, Really nothing great but LOUD
never had a reservation just walk up and the longest we had to wait was an hour so we left toured DTD then returned.

Lots of music LOUD music Kids love the atmosphere and the scenery of the movie stuff Props costumes ETC are neat


It is more popular than it should be.


Not a bad cheeseburger, but the noise level is unbearable. A “been there, done that place”.


We used to go there every trip when it first opened and it was good. The lines used to be so long but the menu was varied and there was a great atmosphere. However, after Bruce,Sly and Arnie sold out, we felt it went off a little, and although they still had fun movie memorabilia, the menu seemed to get smaller and smaller, and was very expensive. Also we could just walk right in. So, we haven’t been for a few years now, so will be keen to hear what you think.


Thanks for the info. My son is 19 and that was his favorite when we went last Sept. so that’s why I want to go back. It was a little too noisy for me. I guess that’s what I’ll do, just walk up on the night we want to go.


The lasagna is really really good, especially for a ‘non-italian’ place! The music is too loud for me though!


We’ve been and the food was nothing special, not good but not bad. The hosting staff were young and inexperienced, the food came out quickly but was not piping hot and tasted pretty bland. Not money well spent and I wouldnt bother going back again, there are nicer places to eat. The only thing I liked was checking out the film memorabillia they had on show.


oh my goodness are you serious? haha there aren’t any Italians in that kitchen! nothing like a $15 grilled cheese sandwich! go to House of Blues for food at half the cost and half the line!