Is Pleasure Island a dud now?


We always loved the trips down there for atmosphere even though we didn’t visit many of the nightclubs. But now that they’ve taken them out, is there any reason to head over there now? We don’t go to Planet Hollywood or Cirque, they took out my Virgin Music Store. Other than a few over priced stores there isn’t much left. We always eat at the Downtown Wolfgang Puck.

All i can think of that we’ve done before is DisneyQuest.


We go for World of Disney and Rainforest Cafe. But I will say Cirque is worth the admission. Give them time… new things are coming. There is the new teethered balloon ride now for starters.


Most of the buildings are still there, they are just closed. There is a new latin American restaurant open along the waterfront in the old Pleasure Island part of Downtown Disney.

T-Rex, a restaurant from the Rainforest Cafe opened in the last year or so. Instead of a rainforest theme it has a dinosaur theme.

Raglan Road an Irish restaurant also has live entertainment.

As wdwspider mentioned there is a balloon ride now open.


I was ther elast month with my 17-year-old son, and it was a yawn for both of us. Sort of deserted and lackluster. But if they bring new stuff in, it should be lively and exciting again in no time.


Once they give it the big make over they have planned I think it will be just as good as before, we just have to give it time to be completed etc before it will reach it’s best. Cirque is definatly worth the admission and if you’ve never seen it before than you should go at least once to experience it! My boyf isn’t a huge theatre nut like me but he loved the show! I’m hopefully taking the family next trip to see it too! The tethered balloon ride looks worth a go too. They have one in DLP which is aparantly really cool and very popular!

I miss the big Virgin Store too, I used to spend forever in that place! I hope they bring something similar back!


I have never done anything but walk through PI and DTD is a favorite for me and DD. I love all the themed shops one the “West Side” and ADORE the market place. We spend tons of our time there…it’s perfect.


Pleasure Island is a ghost town now.


House of Blues is located at Downtown Disney as well so if youre into concerts, check and see if a favorite band is in town! We caught “Rise Against” w/“Rancid” one night… Which was a completely bad arse show!!! Sometimes you can get lucky…


I hope it doesn’t take very long for them to get some new stuff back into the PI area. It seems such a shame for it to be deserted and boring. :sleeping: It was always such a lively area before! I’m going to miss the clubs, I’ll be honest. I’m not much of a “club” person but there was something fun about going there and just wandering around enjoying the exciting atmosphere.


pleasure Island…Yawn. Concept tossed for more retail. Boardwalk is better now…


Would be kind of nteresting if they could do something similar to an Atlantic City Boardwalk, The Strand at Myrtle Beach, Kemah or the many others that are filled with some old fashioned amusements and not just bars, restaurants or retail shops.


If you want nightlife, you have to head over to Universal’s City Walk.


You know what I was thinking they should put in DTD,a bowling alley. I think a place to bowl would be awesome. Its fun,and is something interactive and if Disney had one they could really make it super fun.


Oh yeah, and maybe they could have it to where the characters would come out and bowl with you or pay for them to play one game with you and see who would win.


I have been thinking the same thing for years now. Of course, I thought a Disney Zoo, Mini-Golf, and a Disney Circus would be great many years ago too, and look at what we got for those!!:happy: A Disney bowling alley would be awesome. Now, where are the disney Go-Karts?


In Tomorrowland:laugh:


Disney is putting in a bowling alley. It is in conjuction with one of the bowling sanctioning bodies. Each year they have a big tournament and it will host it. It will be 100 lane and over at the Sports complex.


AWESOME candy store there!


That plan was canceled last year when the economy tanked. As of right now there are not any plan to revive it. I do think that a bowling alley would be awesome.