Is the magic killed?


Because of all of the construction going, all of the temporary walls put up, and attractions closed will our WDW vacation be less magical?This has been going through my mind and i cant help thinking that it might kill some of the disney magic :sad:


I don’t think so! WDW is always magical to me. They try to scatter the rehabs and construction so that it doesn’t take over the parks. Plus, the walls they put up usually blend in to the scenery and don’t stand out like an eyesore.


IMO, no. All the construction just gives me something to look foreward to. Something new or better.


I do not believe the MAGIC can ever be killed!!! Look past the construction for different things you have never done or seen and find some new MAGIC!!!

Do not let it kill your MAGIC and you will have a wonderful time despite all the construction!!! :mickey:

To continue the MAGIC improvements must be made!!!


Not at all!! There is so much magic at WDW that the refurbishment of one ride here,one ride there makes little difference at all.


I don’t think so at all. the way I look at it is, at least they are fixing things and making them better. I think that helps the magic more than having the ride there and having it worn out or breaking down! Gotta look on the positive side!


when rob and i went twice last year, seeing that some rides were closed for rehad and mission: space was going to open in two months (this was during our june trip), it didn’t kill the magic for me. sure, not being able to check out mission: space was a bummer but i knew that would we come back one day and it’ll be open for us to ride. i didn’t let mission: space’s construction dampen my trip.
even when i was in DL this past january, TOT was still under construction and IASW was closed for rehad. that didn’t bother me either. on a side note, i would’ve gone on TOT by myself because my nieces, Sarah and Hayley, were 7 and 5 at the time.
during the first trip to WDW, i remember there was some construction on the BCV. that didn’t get to me. i didn’t let any construction or closing of rides dampen my trip.
don’t let all of that get to you. just keep thinking that you’ll be back one day when they’re open.


Personally, I think of construction as abounding amounts of magic to come!


The magic can’t be killed! Pete and I are only having kids so we can bring them to Disney!


The only time we were ever sad about construction was about a month before Test Track opened… we wanted to ride it so badly, and we were going to miss the grand opening by a few weeks…
Please don’t be sad about construction and rehab… it’s just part of making the magic! You won’t notice much.
And believe me, it is better to be at WDW with a little construction going on, than in my kitchen doing dishes!
Have a great trip – you are oing to have a TERRIFIC time!


Sometimes I’m bummed that a ride is in rehab or an area is under construction, but I’m glad Disney thinks enough of its guests to do the work. Consider this. The place was originally built over 30 yrs ago. If they didn’t do the work, it would be a mess right now.


Disney does a great job of hiding construction and making you peaking your curiosity about what is going on behind those walls so you will hurry back! One thing though two weeks ago the construction on the stunt show at MGM was very open and interesting. The new bathrooms back there were just opened and so very empty!


I try to do that on a day-to-day basis & especially at WDW. Why let something trivial mess up the magic? Now, having said that, there are situations (like we had at BC last Aug) that can change the mood for awhile. The thing is to deal with it then, as unpleasant as it might be, & then move on to the magic. I think Disney does a wonderful job of doing maintenance without interupting the magic in any major way. Think about it…they’re open 365 days a year! When else are they going to do stuff? I say just put the best face on it (imagine what will be behind those walls once it’s all done) & enjoy! :mickey:


A little construction in WDW will be nothing considering what we’ve been through in Boston with the “Big Dig” and DNC just being here


:laugh: :laugh: spoken like truly Disney addicts! Nothing can spoil the magic for me. I just look at it as a way to keep coming back to try all the new attractions.


The magic is never gone when there is construction about. Just think, the next time you return, there will be something you have not seen. And, as stated before, Disney is very good at trying to blend in the walls with the attractions around the construction. I get excited just trying to guess what it could be, if there is no sign or anything telling you what it is.


I couldn’t agree with you more! :laugh: :mickey:


I have to add …the Magic is also in you, we saw construction on NY street and the part of the Backlot tour that is going to be a stunt show… the building for Soaring is huge … of course there is the construction going on for Stitch (we were told this is behind schedule by a CM) its a mess if you look down from the people mover … but the magic …well its there and if you have it in you too … you wont notice much more :slight_smile: