Is there a book I can get


Is there a book available that would give detailed descriptions of wdw events, shows, and attractions?



Welcome to Disneycentral. Yes, there are several books that go into depth on everything at WDW. The two best are the Unofficial Guide to WDW and the Passporter, though I prefer the Unofficial Guide myself. They both do a good job at giving you an honest opinion about everything. There are some other examples on the front page of DisneyCentral.


Welcome to DC. Like Mickey said, try the Unofficial Guide to WDW. The new one for 2005 just came out. I haven’t tried the PassPorter yet, I just ordered it today myself.


daisy, I am not sure what you are asking about. For instance, are you interested in learning general information about things at WDW (such as the parades at the parks or the Candlelight Processional held annually?) Or, do you want specific info about events (RE: actual dates, admission costs, etc. such as the Annual Wine Event?) There are dozens of helpful books that provide general information. I think you need to visit the Disney web site for specific info though (because by the time a book is published, details may change.)


I need to learn everything about everything :slight_smile: Actually, someone very close to me just became a cast member, and we’re looking to learn as much as we can that might be helpful with the job.

Thanks for the “welcome” everyone!


Daisy, definitely go to a bookstore and grab the Unofficial Guide. It runs about $20 usually, but has everything you would need to know or would want to know!


Welcome to DC Daisy!! I can’t recommend highly enough the Unofficial Guide. You will not go wrong there.


daisy, my vote also goes to the “Unofficial Guide to WDW”, and as Dana posted in another post, the 2005 version was just released.


Welcome to DC! For a CM, I definately reccomend the Unoffical Guide since it’s not for planning more for learnign everything you can. Excellent book! Grab the 2005 version that just came out.


Thanks everyone. I found the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2005 on the bn website. It looks like just the thing I’m looking for. Thanks so much for your help.


Welcome, Daisy! In addition to the Unofficial, you can also just hang around here. Somebody will always give you an answer (or you may get ten), to any question you have.


We have fallen in love with the PassPorter. We think its the best of guide books!


I use the Passporter as well and love it. But for what she is looking for I think the Unnofficial Guide fits best.