Is there a difference?


I need some help! Is there a difference if I book my Disney trip through the official website or through other sites such as Expedia or


i think the big difference is that with Disney you pack rack rates and with Expedia hopefully you can save money. But the real deal is when you book through an agent. They will stay with you until your trip and will pass on to you any discounts that come up before you leave.
I would never book a trip without the help of an agent.
Try mouseketrips. They have an add on the home page here.


Go either directly through Disney, or as suggested, through a Disney travel agent. You are spending a lot of money on this trip, and I am sure you want it to be perfect. I am fine with Expedia et al for somethings, plane tickets and such, but for a big trip, I wouldn’t do it. Most big online sites like that sell through a reseller, so you wouldn’t get the Disney package, but something else they create.

So yes, there is a difference.


I booked my vacation through Expedia, and I could not add the Dining Plan…
I will do what the Mickey says next time. :nonono2:


Welcome to DC Daydreamer! You’ll love it here! I have booked through Disney twice and this trip I went with Mouseketrips. I feel much better knowing that they are watching for the best deals and new offers for me and I do not have to do it myself. With Disney, when a new offer or deal came out I would have to find it and call Disney to see if it was available to me. My vote - Mouseketrips! :mickey:


We also booked our January trip through Mouseketrips. I could kick myself when I realize how much money we could have saved had we not gone directly through Disney the last three times. Mouseketrips, definately


Oh, and welcome to DC!


Thanks for the warm welcome and I will definately trip Mouseketrips!


I booked my last trip through Disney and my upcoming one for next year. I also watch mouse for any discount codes or deals then call them and switch my ressie. This past September I found the free dining plan through this wonderful place and called disney to change my ressie again.


Hiya Daydreamer and welcome!! Mouseketrips is the ONLY way to go IMHO!! I have saved so much money using them and it is soooo nice–if you have a question, you get a very timely response. It is like having a travel agent at your elbow!! Cheers to Mickey!!!


I would not go through an online retailer for a big vacation. Expedia is fine for me when I just need one night at a hotel, but for a Disney vacation, I definitely want someone I can talk to in person. At the very least, book with Disney, but I have heard many good things about Mouseketrips and have always gotten very timely responses from them. So definitely check them out as well! :mickey:


I booked our trip through Expedia and my in-laws through Disney. Their prices were $4 different. The reason I didn’t book theirs through Expedia was because they didn’t have rooms left and they were available on the Disney site. My only problem with booking through Expedia was that my room key was not also my park pass, which was annoying, but other than that not a big deal at all. I think also, that my in-laws got a free 5x7 picture as a promotion at that time. I enjoy looking at all my options and figuring out the best deal for me, so an agent takes away some of my fun. I had contacted mouseketrips earlier in my planning and got the exact same price I had figured through Expedia. Maybe my experience is rare, but I had no problems with them at all and got a good price on everything both through Expedia and through Disney.


Another vote for Mouseketrips! I’ve let Keith (aka Mickey) book my last three Disney trips (and he just booked my next one this week) and it was SO much easier than dealing with all the phone calls myself. Definitely give them a try!


We booked our last trip through Small World Vacations. We have nothing but great things to say about our experience with them. Our agent, Deanna, was very professional and took care of all of our needs. We made a few changes and she handled everything great. She also alerted us to changes in prices and free meal plan which was to our benefit. I’d try them!