Is there a Disney after kids?


This year our 18 yo wont be going with us. I almost cant imagin Disney without our kids. We still have our 15 yo on board with us.

Have others gone threw this transition an discovered Disney in different ways?:crying:


My son stopped going after about 15,but thankfully my 18 yr. old daughter still loves to go. I feel your pain.


My parents have been to WDW once before without me but took my brother. They said it was really strange only booking tables for 3, getting pictures took etc, everything felt a little ‘out of sorts’ but they still had a fantastic time! This year they will be venturing to WDW without me or my brother so it will be interesting to see how that trip differs to previous ones. My dad is very much into the rides, but mum only goes on a handful! They both love the shows and mooching around the shops, dad loves water parks and swimming - mum doesnt! So it will definatly be a different kind of trip! They did alot of ‘should we - shouldnt we’ before they booked but we insisted they go!


Yes, yes, and yes. It’s just a different sort of trip. I now make SOME trips with my grand kids, but most are just with DH and I. When it’s just us, we just do WHAT EVER we want. When we have the kids, it’s 5 or 6 times on dumbo. It’s standing in line for 30 min and just as we are about to sit in the glider thing on soaring ,“I have to go potty, grandma”…and there’s the mad three mile dash back to a bathroom. (although when this happened, she said "grandma, do all these people have to go potty too? :laugh:)

They may not be our kids, but we still feel happy when we see a cute kid doing something cute and we are twice as happy when we see a cute kid having a meltdown and WE can walk away.


Dw are planning a trip in Oct w/out the mini-mice. we have done this before for either the Flower festival in the spring or the Food festival in the fall. We truly enjoy the time together being selfish. Our youngest are now 19.


DH and I loved going to Disney before we had kids, and we plan on still going once our children are grown. Ofcourse, there is a different experience with your children and seeing their eyes light up every 5 minutes! But, there are also a lot of memories to make alone too! :heart:


I’m right there with you. Oldest DS is in his first year of college, so when we had the discussion of when we could go as a family, he didn’t seem too interested. In fact, he told us to go without him. So, it will be me, dh and 16 yr old ds. I’m sure we will still have a blast, but it will be different. In fact, I believe I’ve asked my 18 yr old at least 20 times “are you sure you don’t want to go?” He’s mastered the rolling of the eyes my dh does so well!!!


The great thing about Disney is that it is for everyone, with kids, without kids, young people and people young at heart.
My parents enjoyed Disney with my sister and I when we were young, and as we grew, our trips grew along with us. My parents continued to enjoy the Disney magic on their own and now get to experience it with grandkids.
Life’s a journey!:mickey:


We’ll always be a “Disney” family, but as kids grow, life changes - you can’t exactly write a note to their boss saying “please excuse “insert name” from work, she has to go to WDW with mommy and daddy”. Sometimes one goes, sometimes the other, sometimes we go alone - and it’s all good. Different, but still fun. The character meals change to the more “adult” restaurants, you spend more time in the World Showcase than in Fantasyland, but it’s still the World. And still lots of fun.


You will absolutely enjoy your trips w/o the kids. Pam and I relax and just do what WE want to to. If we sleep in, we sleep in. If we want to stay up late and party, we do it. And if a ride has too long a line we skip it and don’t worry that we might not get on that trip. And this is the perfect time for the 2 of you to explore all the foodie things you always wanted to do but skipped since the kids might not have wanted to do a long sit down meal.

And the trips with just 1 or 2 of our 3 kids were totally different and just as enjoyable. The most interesting trip we had were with the oldest 2 for the Food and Wine Fest. We spent a week eating and partying throughout the World and saw our young adults in a whole new light. We realized that we did OK raising them. And before that it was us and the youngest post HS graduation for a week with her BFF. That trip I saw 2 very mature and confident college bound young ladies get to celebrate their hard work and act like 5 y/o first time visitors. I laughed the whole trip as they kept me going by hitting ‘EVERY’ AM and PM EMH. My gut hurt some nights from laughing all day long at them.



Started going when my oldest was 5 in 1975. Now 35 years later at least 1 if not all 3 are still going with us with or without their husbands! They can pay for their own vacations and all that goes with it! Now instead of drinking a beer in front of them, you can drink a beer with them, and some of the time they pay for the beer!


We went to WDW and Disneyland when the kids were living with us. But they are now grown and have their own kids now. We still go to WDW with the kids and their families but we still enjoy going by ourselves. We don’t have to rush around and see everything that they want to see and do. We are going down for the food and wine festival by ourselves next time. We enjoy just taking our time and sitting and watching people. The rocking chairs at MK are used by us quite abit on each trip. We just enjoy being there by ourselves sometimes.


DH and I have never been alone to WDW but would absolutely love to! We love her dearly…BUT would relish the chance to have some ‘our’ time in the place that we love. Yes it would be different, but I’m sure we’d soon get used to it:laugh:


We have gone with out are son twice it is just a different sort of trip.


Boy Oh Boy yes there is disney after kids.
We now love disney even more (if that was possible) its just so different. We have been on a number of holidays sun, sand and sea (with a little alcohol and food :rolleyes::wacko::whistling:wink:) but we love disney so much we keep coming back for more…
In 2009 we both agreed it was the most relaxing holiday we had ever been on.



What Disney does very well is offers different things for different ages. Think about when the kids were little. Disney was characters and kiddie rides. Then the characters weren’t quite as cool and the kiddie rides were OK but it was upward and onward to more thrilling rides. Then just thrill rides.

Somewhere along the way, you discover some of the shows. You decide there is food BESIDES counter service hamburgers.

Kids grow up and then there are GFs/BFs added the the mix. You get left behind more and more. Then grandkids and suddenly you’re back where you started - kiddie rides and standing in line for characters.

Then you decide there is too much walking and you rent a power scooter and start to run into people, just like they’ve been doing to you for all of these years. The circle of life is complete. :simba::laugh:


Just like Boss…


A sudden chill just swept through the office after seeing that pic.


Hmm… maybe I need to start going with your kids then. Mine still stand there with their hands held out waiting for me to fill it (and I ain’t talking about with beer either). :laugh:


That can’t be Boss…if it was he, it would have a case of beer strapped on the back.