Is there a free vacation planning video for Disneyland-CA?


I guess the title speaks for itself, but does anyone know if there is a disneyland CA planning video the way there is for WDW? On the Disneyland website, there isn’t a link for it the way there is on the wdw website. Thanks for any info.


I have never seen one. Let me look again tomorrow, but I don’t remember ever seeing one.


I think there is one. I’ll try to find it for you


I don’t know if this is the one you’re looking for, but check it out. :mickey:


yea now i’m happy!!! i found here…Disneyland® -


ok soooo you found it before me!!! you win


I totally love the the DLR vacation planning DVD. It is great for planning, but also great to watch when I need my DLR fix!


Thanks so much guys!! I ordered it, and maybe, we’ll be doing disneyland next year instead of wdw, for a change. I appreciate the help!:wub: :mickey: :flowers:


oooooooo have fun at disneyland!!!


Thanks!! It’s just in the early planning/discussion stages for now…but, it is definitely something we’re thinking about…I’ll keep everyone posted as the planning goes on!


Enjoy it!

I just ordered one as well.

Figured it might show me something new…


I have 2 copies of the 50th Anniversary Vacation Planning DLR Video Kit, it was great! It came with a big brochure, the DVD, and a bunch of other fun stuff, ya’ll will love it! :smile:


I ordered that and all I got was a kit with papers in it…no DVD. Oh well.


The trip planning video for DL is not as good as the one for WDW, because I was the host for the WDW video. I didn’t get to participate in the DL video, so it just isn’t the same quality of material.

:wink: :tongue:

Actually I was not the host for the WDW video, but folks thought it sure looked like me, so I like to play along! :whistling :happy: