Is there a limit with # of bags for ME resort checkin?


I was looking forthe hours ME is open to call to book. I was looking at disboards and one of the rules is this??

[B]One checked bag per person permitted. If you have more than that, you will need to check-in at the airport [/B]

found it on this page

Disney’s Magical Express Information

I have never heard of this rule. Has anyone found this to be true?


This is not true unless they just started it. I have always taken 2 checked bags. The last time I did this was last December, so it may have changed since then but I hope not!


Mybe they will start charging for extra bags too. :whistling


I’m guessing no one has encountered this problem or everyone only travels with one bag. Hmmmm which one is more likely???

Like I said, I never ever heard anyone talk about this rule, but it sort of freaked me out. I mean after waiting for years and years and years for Southwest to join the fun, I see this.


tape the bags together to make one big one! or just throw the guy a few bucks to look the other way… lol


Hmmm I would like to know that answer to this one. We typically only bring one bag each. And we travel SW so we have always had to check in at the airport (I know they are doing checkin for SW at some resorts now). I would think if this were true we would have heard about it before now…unless they say that to try to get people to only bring one bag.