Is there a link for dining plan dates?


Haven’t I seen somewhere a link to a calendar/calculator that you could plug in your reservation date and it would tell you the date to start calling for ADR’s? Anyone know what it is? We’ll be arriving on Dec 3 2006 and I want to be right on top of making my ADR’s!


Here you go, Princess Pooh! Ask and you shall receive!

Since we have the same vacation dates, let’s see how close our plans are!!!

What restaurants are you planning?


You can try this link to where they have a PS Calculator and Dining Reservation Report.

Good luck and have fun.


Kim, you are the best!

Well, I’ve already booked Hoop de Doo for our first night dinner. Figuring we’ll be tired from an early flight, and it’s close to WL where we’ll be staying, and we missed it on the last trip!

We’ll definately have to do Lilo and Stitch breakfast, that is a must for DD, and I’m thinking of atleast one meal at GF-possibly Cinderella’s gala feast-I would love to see that resort. We did a lot of restaurants in the parks last time, I think I’m going to aim for more MK resort area restaurants this time around!


Thanks Cathy! I like this link too, has lots of info!


I think I read on Allears that soon ALL ADR’s will be 120 in advance. So knowing when to call will be getting a lot easier.


My friend booked directly with Disney and they told her its going to be 6 months!!!

Anyone else hear this???

180 days/??? woooohoooo!


According to the PS Calculator website it IS 180 days!!!

YES!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:


Yes, I heard 180 days for everything! :eek:


No problem, Pooh! I don’t have any idea what we are doing as far as restaurants yet, but I was thinking of 1900 Park Fare myself at GF…I have never been to this meal and want to try it! I have a bunch of others in mind, but haven’t REALLY thought about it yet, since I have some time until I have to make ADRs.


Yeah, I meant 6 months. 180 days. It’s late. My math was off. I’m going to bed.


It is currently 180. I booked mine in December for June. Good Luck.


Iam going to bed too!!! :happy:


Yes, it is indeed 180 days for most ADR’s. However, beginning Jan 1 2007 you will no longer be able to make ADR’s for the three dinner shows as far in advance as we have been either. The 2 year mark for Hoop de doo, Luau, and Mickeys BBQ will be joining the 180 day mark. As of right now, you can book ressies at those 3 venues until the end of 2006, but after that, it’s 180 days only!