Is there a secret to PhotoPass?


So we’ve always used the photopasses & tried to get great family pictures at all of the cool landmarks in the various parks, but I’ve got to say, I’ve been really disappointed both years with the pictures (out of focus, fuzzy, not close enough). I always end up being the photographer; which I don’t mind terribly, it’s just frustrating when looking back at our vacation pictures & wondering “where’s Mommy?” So my question to all you wise Mouse Buzzers-- is there a secret to getting great photos with the Photopasses?:confused:
All suggestions welcome! :crying:


If there is a secret then I don’t know it. I didn’t like most of the photopass pictures myself the last 2 times. Maybe that’s because I am not photogenic :pinch:


Get LOTS of pictures taken from different photographers. I’ve even had different ones in the same area take, that way you’re sure to get great shots. I have been very pleased both times I pre-ordered the photopass.


Now that is a great tip. I never thought of same location/different photographer


we did the same thing. ex, in AK, there is a photopass guy right when you come across the bridge toward the Tree of Life, then mid way accross the bridge there is another one then right infront of the tree there is yet another one…we stopped at each of them, they each offer their own ‘style’ of pics. some will take the time & have you pose with simba in your arm but some only take the group pictures with the tree behind you.


That sounds like a good strategy to me, but I don’t think DH and the kids would have the patience for that. They’re usually whining about stopping for one photo!:blink:


Not only different photographers but I suggest different times of the day in the same location. We have one picture with a Castle performance ending and the photographer was sharp enough to have us pose and wait until the daytime fireworks were going off in the background behind us. It was a very good picture.


All of the pictures we’ve had taken by a Photopass photographer have been clear and focussed. I know that often when you get home and look at your pictures one person is always absent (the photo taker.) When I see a family or group taking a picture, I always stop and ask if they want me to take a picture of their whole group so everyone can be in the photo. I also have no problem stopping someone and asking them to take a picture of my husband/family and me. I’m a much nicer person at WDW.



PS - my avatar is a photopass shot - take lots and have fun. Maybe if you encourage the kids to be goofy they’ll be more willing to take a few more shots.


It’s the luck of the draw. We’ve had those fuzzy, out of focus photos also, especially at night. You just have to get a variety taken at different times & pick from the best when you view them. Some are spectacular, some not so much.


I hear ya… my DH can hardly stand to stop for a quick pic, and you can tell it by his expression in the photos! LOL! Multiples would be out of the question


Make a deal with the kids, maybe make a certain day or for a couple hours it’s “photo time” I know DH got really pissed at me the first year, but when he saw how nice the pics were he didn’t have a problem the next time.

and yes, goofy pics are great! let the kids make fun with them. Ask them one serious, then one of their own.


My tip is we always have the PP photographers take the same pics with our camera, then we can choose which we like better and don’t feel the need to buy them all.


We pretty much stop everytime we see a photographer. We always buy the PP Disc so we want as many as possible. We have had the bad photos, eyes closed, fuzzyness etc but we get so many there are very few bad ones. Always ask the photographer if theres anything different they can do with the picture (Like where you can hold Simba in your arms or Tink in your palm - there seem to be tons of non-advertised variations on including characters in the pics). If there isnt a queue for the photographer they will spend more time with you aswell and usually suggest shots are ask you to do random things. Our photopass pictures are some of the best family shots we have. When we use our own camera - someone is always missing!!!