Is there an Off Kilter team member missing?


When we were there in December, the bagpipe player (Jamie, I think) was not there. Anyone know if it was a temporary absence? I sure would like to see him again in just a few days!!


i think they rotate the musicians.


Jamie is the bagpiper and he started the group back in 1996 I believe. I never have known them to roatate musicians, Jamie has always been on pipes, Mark on bass, Randy on guitar, Tony on keyboards and Scotty on drums. Thye have 2 c’ds I know of and I bought 1 on a visit and had them autograph it. So as far as where he was not sure for that particular performance. They are great guys and you should check out their website,


I have a couple of their CDs and always make a point of seeing them at least once each visit to the park and sometimes more. We were in Epcot several days and he was missing in each performance. Maybe he was just taking some time off. The band just was not the same without him!! Something about kilts and not bagpipes just doesn’t make sense.