Is there any one attraction?


Is there any one attraction that would make you consider changing your trip dates if it were under rehab?

I can honeslty say that I would seriously reconsider changing my trip dates if RnR were down for my entire trip. If it were up for some of the trip or even a day of the trip, I would be ok, but I can’t see going to WDW without going on that ride…it would feel “wrong” in some way to me.


Hmmm, that’s an interesting question 'cause I’ve honestly never thought about it. I’ve had some pretty dissapointing trip experiences, back in the late 80’s early 90’s, before the internet was popular and we had this information at our fingertips. I will never forget one year I yapped and yapped about how excited I was to go on Splash Mountain (this was after it was pretty new to WDW) and the first two days we were there it was closed due to ‘lightening’ then it went down for some refurbishment and I NEVER got to go on it.

Hmm, I think I would have to say Big Thunder Mountain RR. It’s just my favorite ride ever and if it meant changing my trip by a week or two to go on it I probably would, if I was able to.


I agree with you, Dana.

RnR. Gotta ride it!!!

Splash Mt. would be HUGE for DD though. We must ride that 30 times at least while we are there!


That would be a deal breaker for my DD too…she loves that attraction. TOT I love, but could deal without it if I had to…even EE I could get over, but RnR…that wouldn’t even be a WDW trip…


what did we do before the intenet?:laugh:


I haven’t been brave enough to try RnR yet, but maybe it will be a new favourite! I think that if space mountain was closed for the entire trip, I might try & move dates a bit. Since I usually can’t get time off during the more popular times, I don’t know that I would have a choice though.
Oh, I seriously LOVE “pirates”, so if that was closed I would have some issues too.


We had a meltdown in front of the castle 'cause we had NO idea that when we entered Main Street one year the castle would be completely pink & look like birthday cake. :glare: I am STILL having some bad post-traumatic stress issues over that one! :laugh: And to think, if we would have had the internet back then & all these Disney sites I may never have been traumatized that year. :pinch: :laugh:


I had that same meltdown in 97…I get sick every time I think about it. Imagine taking your child to WDW for her first trip and seeing that MESS? Pepto Bismol lost business from the WDW fans that year…


I can’t say there’s any one attraction that I would cancel or change a trip for. We have so many favorites but there are so many other great attractions that we enjoy that one wouldn’t change things for us.


i gotta agree! i wouldn’t redo my trip, due to one attraction. I’d be disappointed, for several different ones, but it’s just one more reason to go back sooner!!


We have to schedule our trips based upon school breaks. However, we keep our fingers crossed every time that something isn’t under rehab!!! We’d be terribly disappointed if any of the following were under rehab but we’d make the best of our trip anyway:

Test Track
Space Mountain

Soarin’ would have to be my biggest disappointment!


I totally agree… and that was the one and only time I ever saw the castle. You could see a tiny bit of the original in the back and I loved it!

I can’t wait… in 4 wake ups I will see the castle for real!

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Clean my house more???

I don’t think I would change a date for any ride, but I have been pretty lucky with only one or two things closed at any time we go. This trip it will be SSE. I was prepared when it was closed in Oct., but was rather bummed to find out it will still be closed in Dec.


I might not change the date due to the difficulty of getting vacation in my job, but if RnR or Space Mtn were closed, I would definitely have a difficult decision.

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Our original plans for this trip were for this past January BUT Splash Mountain was down for a lengthy rehab and that’s what made me change to
3 days from now


I believe that was in 1996. It was our first trip and our kids were young. I remember looking up main street and saying what is that. It was only half done birthday cake. My kids were to young to remember but I waited my whole life to see it. It was a little disapointing.:mad:


No, but we did change our dates to see Tapestry one last time.


I would change the dates if it meant I could go on Test Track…


No, I don’t think any one single ride would make me change my dates. I would be disappointed, but their is so much to do and see… I think I could get over it quick.


I would have to say no as there is just too much there that we love to not go or change plans for just one attraction.
Now if two or more were closed then that’s a different story