Is there anyone that would NOT do the DP again?


I am just curious if there are any DC members that have had the dining plan once (or twice) but would not get it again.

And if there is, will you elaborate on why you wouldn’t do it again?

Thanks! :mickey:


Are you thinking about getting it? We are thinking about trying it for our next trip.


I so hope no one says it is bad, I already signed us up for the June trip.


I have heard people on other boards say they wouldn’t get it again, simply because it’s too much food (is there such a thing on vacation??? :huh: HA!). Others have said it was too expensive because they usually eat CS throughout all of their trips, and the DP would cause them to spend more than they actually would have.

I honestly think it’s a great deal, and can’t wait to try it in December.


I am thinking of it for our Oct trip. Right now it’s me, DH, DD who will turn 5 and DS3 at the time we go (DS11 may or may not come :sad: so I am planning right now that he won’t join us sigh).

I have been through the menus, added up what I think we would order, and compared it to what we’d get with the DP and it’s about equal.

Odd as it may sound coming from me, lol, my hesitation about the DP is all the sweets. Even if we get water for our snack, it’s still 2 desserts a day for each of us. Not that we must eat everything, but it seems I can spend the same money on food that suits our eating habits. Does that make sense? I know the DP is enough food for us, but rarely do we order dessert when we are out, and if we do we share it. I know it’s enough food, but I’m not sure if it’s the kind of food we want to eat for a week.


You know, those are good points. We too do not order dessert often when we go out to eat, but we do have dessert at Disney! I just wonder about the kids, since my little one really doesn’t each much to begin with, and I hate the thought of wasting all that food.


I probaly wouldn’t get it again.
I’ll be the lone person here…and I don’t really think that my reasons will distract you from getting it though.
I have an AP and I can’t get the great room rates!


BUT…if I didn’t have the AP, I probaly would get it again…even though…it is A LOT of food!
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In my opinion, it depends on your family’s eating habits and what you normally do. My 10 year old would count as an adult and eats like a bird, as does my teenager, really. So I think we would be spending more than we normally would. My teen, 10 year old and sometimes even I order from the kids menu. We normally do a few ts meals, but mostly cs, so for us it wouldn’t be worth it.


Good point karliebug, we split meals at DL sometimes. And because my kids are small but good eaters, we would spend 2 CS meal credits (instead of 4), making the CS credits stretch to fit in that 3rd meal of the day by again splitting CS (typically we have one big meal, and two small ones, so this would work). The snack options seem to be more uniform and narrow with the new signage system I read about and I wonder if one will be able to use the snack option a the Food and Wine Fesitval like people did last year. We will be there during this time, and plan to snack our way through EPCOT so that would be a big plus as we’d get nearly a whole day’s worth of food from snack credits alone.

The more I think about this, the more confused I get, lol.


We’ve got it planned for our Fall trip… but I wonder. That’ll be 4 adults… I’m trying to imagine a dinner time with FOUR appetizers, FOUR full entrees, FOUR full desserts… nevertheless, the money will be approximately the same if we don’t do it. So… no one says you HAVE to eat the food, and it gives us lots and lots of options.

I do suspect that we’ll enjoy a 2 TS meal or two, and my mom and I may “save up” for it by splitting a few meals.

I don’t know. :tongue:


I think we’ll be trying it next trip. There are places we didn’t want to go because of cost last time.


That was us this past October (granted we got in on the “free dining” promotion) but even so, it was GREAT to get to order four different appetizers and everyone share. The same goes with your entrees (if you’re ar friendly bunch!). If we didn’t have APs we’d do it again in a heartbeat…in fact, I even considered forgoing my AP room discount and doing it again anyway…after crunching the figures I decided against it (but it was close!)


I would do it again in a heartbeat!


We are definately getting it for our December trip. Part of vacation for me is eating well! I love to eat out! By getting this I know I am assured of eating well all week and I like that by the time we get there our food is almost completely paid for.

With my “Grumpy” for a husband (only in regards to WDW, he is normally a funny wonderful guy! I am hoping he catches the Magic on this trip!) this is much better because it won’t seem like we are shelling out tons of $$$ daily to eat since most of our meals are covered by the plan and certainly the more expensive (dinner time) ones.

Allyson :slight_smile:


We also had it last Oct., & the price, FREE, was right. It is a lot of food, but for our upcoming trip this Sept., we will not be doing it.
One reason is the AP discounts are a better deal for us, but it’s close.
The other is, with a 2 & 4 year old last year, it became a hastle planning the afternoon around a 4p or 5p PS at a TS, or telling the kids we’ll be eating soon, hopefully.
I think for us we’ll stick with the Character Breakfasts, then CS for the remainder of meals, giving us the freedom to eat when we’re hungry.


We got the DP for free in September and we loved it. We typically eat on a very tight budget at Disney, so it was great to go basically wherever we wanted and order nearly anything we wanted. I don’t think I ever ate so much in my entire life. :tongue:

I don’t think we would ever actually pay for the DP simply because I can’t justify spending that much money on food, but if you like doing a lot of TS, it really is quite fun.


We will be trying it on our next trip, but unless DD’s eating habits change by then, for sit-down meals (non-buffet) we’ll probably pay for her meal and save the TS meal for a dinner that requires 2 TS such as Hoop-De-Doo. Some may say its not right to do that, but she would NEVER eat an app, meal and then dessert. So if this way works, it will definately be worth it for us.


We took our first trip to WDW last Christmas and we had the dining plan. It worked for us, my kids are young but good eaters. My main reason for doing the dining plan was that I just couldn’t ruin our trip with the “can we afford to eat here” question hanging over my head. It took the worry out of our trip so much so that we are planning another Christmas vacation to WDW this year. I’m not so sure people are so easily worried about that kind of thing like I am, but if you are, it takes a load of your mind. I hope this helped. Have a great trip.


Great idea. I have a 4 year old (he’ll be 5 when we go in December) and I just can’t see him eating all of that food. He could eat a kids meal and then eat off of our dessert plates! Then we will save the TS credit for a 2 credit meal (I would LOVE to do Hoop Dee Doo!!!)