Is There Anywhere


That I can check our ADRs online? It has occured to me that I think our ADR for Chef Mickey’s on Aug 23 is under my FIL’s name. He’s not coming along and I’d prefer for it to be under my name. Is there anywhere I can use the conf. number and check the ressie to see? If so, is there a place online that I can change it if it is under his name? I called the ADR line and there’s a decent hold time and I really don’t feel like sitting on the phone if I don’t have to, so thought I’d check here first.


try this
Disney World Restaurants | Walt Disney World Resort


I dont think you can change the name unless you cancel and book the ADR again- hoping to get the same time and place. Just keep it as is- they won’t be checking ID’s or anything like that!! :laugh:


I agree, as long as you know what name it’s under and have the reservation number you’re good.


I agree, all that you’ll need is the Conf. number. But, there is a way to pull up your ADR’s online. I pulled all of mine up, including the ones I booked before online booking was available, and printed them up to take with me. At, go to the tab on the right called “My Disney Vacation”. There’s a selection near the bottom of the menu that drops down called “Dining Reservations”. You need the Conf. number AND the phone number that you booked it with in order to pull it up. The ones I booked over the phone are under my home phone, and the ones I booked online are under my cell phone, so the only tricky part was figuring out which phone # to use in order to pull them up.


Yes, I did call today, and it is under my FIL’s name, but they cannot change it without canceling the ADR and trying to rebook, and our ADR is less than 2 weeks out at Chef Mickey’s, not chancing it lol. They said it’s fine, just give them his name and bring our confirmation number.


Yay! Thanks for this tip!


No problem! Even though I have a typed list of all my conf. #'s, I really like having them in print direct from Disney. Hopefully there won’t be any problems with any of them, but it’s reassuring to have those print-outs as a back-up!


I’m glad to hear it won’t be a problem. I remember how much you wanted that one!