Is there still a lifetime pass?


I just read another thread about the rising ticket prices and it made me think. I remember my father regreating he didn’t buy lifetime passes for around (as I remember) $300 at the time, late 1980’s. My question is do they still offer lifetime passes, and if so how much are they? BTW does anyone have one?


I’ve never heard of them until that same thread, but if they offered one I’d be all over that in an instant.


I just wondered the same thing after you mentioned it. I doubt there is one. Too many people would probably buy it.


Wow, a lifetime pass sure would be nice… Sure would beat coughing up $300 or more every year! :wink: But I imagine if there is one it will be spendy!


I have never heard of there being one. I know if there was, a lot of us here would buy it!! :whistling I’d much rather save up a huuuuuge chunk of money and have my ticket for life, than have to worry about tickets every time I go!


For certain milestones they give them out. Like the little girl that was the 2 billionth guest.

LINKAGE (03 May entry)

Andrae Rivas, the 2006 Disneyland Resort Ambassador, presented Emmalee with a giant golden key and a lifetime pass to all 11 Disney parks around the world at such distinct locales as Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan, Disneyland Paris Resort in France and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in China (which opened in September 2005), in addition to Disneyland Resort in southern California. As an added surprise, the entire family of 10 (Emmalee, her mom and dad, Mike and Michele, five sisters, one brother, plus a baby on the way) also received lifetime passes to Disney parks worldwide.

I don’t think you can buy them. But I could’ve sworn that they offered them during the 80s at one point. Maybe it was just a rumor though, I was still a kid at that point, so I’m not sure…:ph34r:


You know how some people’s lives come to ruin after winning the lottery? I wonder if my life would come to ruin if I won a lifetime pass to all of the Disney properties? :huh:

NAH! :tongue:

It would rock! And I would love every minute of it! :happy:


Okay, I got a little more info on this subject, just talked to my parents and asked them what they remembered. When MGM opened the first family was presented with these lifetime passes, but that’s not all. At the same time that MGM opened (and they don’t remember for how long before and after) they were selling them at the ticket counters. They were actually on the boards above listed under the Annual pass. My parents couldn’t bring themselves to spend about $300 each on the lifetime pass, thought it was too expensive. Now my dad regreats everytime we plan a trip for not buying them. I guess they must have stoped selling them, but wouldn’t it be great if they did it again?!


I’d take out a loan just to get one for for my whole family! No black out dates! hahahaha


I’d suck that up in a heart beat. It would be worth it even if you only went once a year. With the constant rise in admissions, I would think that you defiantely get your money’s worth.


2nd mortgage time! :wink: Gotta get the Disney ticket for life! :tongue:


I have to call member services today, I am going to see if this is still offered. i will let you guys know!


If you tell us a lie NokeyNose your nose will grow, so don’t try to pull a fast one on us! :wink:


Well? What did guest services say? Do they still exist?


How cool would that be! I would buy that before I invested in a DVC…


What a fantastic idea. Even living so far away, it would definitely be something I would look at buying.