Is this a good deal for points?


I am not in the market to buy but was just looking at Ebay for fun. If I were to buy it would be nice to have points at BWV. I wonder if at this price Disney buy back the points. I really have not idea what they cost.


That’s not a bad price at all. BC would be a great place to own, the resort is beautiful and being able to walk to Epcot is a real bonus.


I agree with DT. Go for it!


Remember that you will pay your closing costs which runs your cost per point up. Additionally, Disney also has first right of refusal. I had a contract on points in Broadwalk for $80 before the recent price increase ($5) and Disney bought it from seller. I’m guessing that the will now exercise FR on anything under $85-88 per point for BW.


It’s an unanswerable question - but now that business is getting better at WDW - they’d probably buy them. They bought some we were trying to buy on a re-sale :crying: Certainly brought me down to earth. I love my time at WDW - but now I always remember that they’re a corporation first, pixie dust second. :dry: