Is this a problem?


I went on the Disney website & pulled up my reservations (was considering some changes after reading a few things on the Disney food blog), but was very surprised to see that my ressie for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ wasn’t there:ohmy: Panic doesn’t begin to cover it- I’ve tried to get it every year & FINALLY after 3 years was able to book it a couple of months ago. Sooo I called the Disney dining number & talked to a very nice cm- she said the reason I couldn’t pull it up was because there wasn’t a phone number attached to it & for some reason, the system wouldn’t allow her to add a phone number. She said it comes up under my name & the confirmation number & the only reason the phone number matters is for viewing the ressie online…does this sound right? She assured me that we HAD the ressie & would be able to get our tickets but I’m still nervous about it…anybody know anything about this kind of situation??


No, but if you have a confirmation number… and proof that you paid for it… then you have tickets- do not worry. Especially if she can see it…


It sounds like you still have the reservation so I wouldn’t worry about it. I know that’s easier said than done but it’s still there and you have a confirmation number so you should be fine.


Happened to me on our March trip. I did all of my ADR’s online and one for Artist Point would not show up. And we were staying at VWL.
Called WDW Dining and they confirmed the ressie # I copied down. It just would not show up on our online account.
I carry a list with all of our ADR’s in my phone and sure enough AP had it when we checked in. Just a computer ‘thingy’. As Hanwill said, if you have the ressie # and Dining confirmed the ADR # you are good to go. Happy BBQing.


I wouldn’t worry! (I know it’s hard - I like everything uniform). But don’t worry, since she was able to pull it up by the conf# when you called, it’s in there!
I hope you have a great dinner, and hope to hear a great review.