Is this code still good


Anyone know if they are still accepting this?

Fall Room-Only Discount for General Public

Check-in dates: 9/28/08-10/11/08. Use code MXK. Compare these rates with regular “Rack” rates. Your stay will be priced on a day-by-day basis, so rates may be higher on weekends.

Sample rates:

Value resort: $59 plus tax Standard view
Moderate resorts: $109 plus tax Standard view
Animal Kingdom Lodge: $170 plus tax Standard view
Other resorts and room types are available



Didn’t that one come out just a few days ago? You could just call central res and ask them.


One thing I have learned is that the actual code doesn’t matter. It only matters that you ask for any discounts for the dates you’re planning to go. If you are a passholder and a Florida resident, you’ll have more chances of getting some sort of discount, especially as hotels and room categories get sold out under one discout, yet remain available under another discount.
To sum up, just ask for any discounts, don’t confuse the issue with specific codes, especially as some codes are room only while others are for full packages.